4 Birthday Sex Ideas

If your lover’s birthday is coming up, you may be looking for birthday sex ideas to make the day extra special.

Is there anything more satisfying on an inner carnal level than receiving hot birthday sex? I don’t think so! I know I messed up big time in my 20s when I was late for my own birthday party. Twenty people angrily waited for my lover and I while we were delayed having too much birthday sex.

So, suggestion one: Party first, before birthday sex!

Not to tell you what to do on your birthday—I really want you to do whatever your heart desires, but there are certain limits on what you can get away with on your birthday, and you don’t want to not have the same friends next year because you alienated them all this year.

I can suggest some wild and kinky sex ideas, but you can always take things further. I hope that you will try a couple of these birthday sex ideas.

4 Ideas for Birthday Sex

Birthdays only come once a year, but birthday sex can be had in countless ways on your special day, and there’s always the idea of a birthday week if you need more time!

1. Eat Out

This is a simple birthday sex idea that you can make as R-rated or X-rated as you want, or your courage allows.

You can start with the regular candy and flowers, basic gifts, and a meal. Everyone digs that on their birthday. But what if you took the birthday boy or girl to a restaurant you KNEW where you could sneak your lover off to the bathroom, while you’re waiting for your main course, and go down on them?! Ha ha!

I know of a place where the staff don’t mind these kinds of spontaneous shenanigans! Do you? Ask your kinky friends and if you’re still not sure, take them to a sex club and engage in anything you want. This is perfect for those of you who have an exhibitionist streak.

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2. Create Your Own Marilyn Monroe Moment

You can pull this off with a trench coat and the price of a taxi to their house. But don’t forget the nicest second-hand dress you can find if you’re so lucky to access those kinda digs in your town. If you’re a gentleman, maybe you can pull off a Chippendale’s type twist on this oldie but goodie, or wear your own diamond sheer dress—I don’t judge!

Show up at their door, unexpected, and knock. When they answer, start singing “Happy Birthday…” in your sexiest, lowest, tipsiest voice, and let the inner Marilyn out!

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3. Share Good Vibrations in Public

This is a gift suggestion and possible activity that you can do together.

There are sex toy devices that you can control through your smartphone. One of you controls the intensity of the vibrations the other feels with the device against their genitalia. This kind of play deliciously builds anticipation between lovers and lets them know when you are thinking of them.

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It connects you in a literal and digital and interestingly comical way. You could have your partner clenching their jaw while holding back an electric orgasmic explosion while in line at Starbucks! Now that’s an unforgettable birthday sexual experience with a delicious drink added to it, haha.

4. Engage in Hanky Panky at the Theater

Another classic worth dusting off the shelf and updating for the new millennium is the joy of fooling around in a movie theater.

Make use of those new theater seats that have the arm that folds up so you two can get closer to use your hands in ways that aren’t restrictive.

But hey, get a drink and some popcorn for your date, enjoy the rom-com on the screen and kiss your lover when there’s too much sexual tension for you to keep watching.

Give a massage or play with their goodies—whatever you feel the birthday sex recipient deserves. In a dark theater, maybe watching a bad movie you don’t care about is actually a good idea!

If you like this plan but the privacy is an issue, find a drive-in where you can explore crazy car positions or layout in the back of a flatbed for some sex under the stars.

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Play around, invent a birthday sex tradition that you do for yourself and/or for whoever you’re fucking that year! If you’re married, remix it every year—why not?

What’s the best birthday sex you’ve ever had?

Sincerely yours,
Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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