Sexy Gifts for Her

Maybe you like bringing a small gift on the first date, or you prefer to wait until you know her more intimately. Either way, women love presents and something with sex appeal is sure to attract her attention and let her know you find her irrisistible. Here are suggestions that are sure to attract her attention and let her know you find her irresistible.

Erotic Literature – Check out your local bookstore and browse through their erotica section. You’ll be surprised how much there is – everything from Anais Nin to Fifty Shades of Grey. Women who read about sex think about sex.

Lingerie – Even if your lover is an underwear and t-shirt gal, she’ll appreciate the idea that you want to see her in something hot and sexy. Be sure to check her bra and panty size before you shop – something too big or too small may be taken as an insult.

Sex Toys – This is probably not the best idea for a first date, but after a few hookups, why not. She may have shown you her collection, or she may have just talked about fantasies she’d like to explore. A little online shopping together is always fun, too!

Striptease Lessons – This would be first on my wish list, although I’m pretty good already;) This is especially good for shy girls that need an extra nudge in expressing their lusty side. Look for these classes online or at your local sex shops.

Chocolate – I know, boring right? But I’m not talking the ones that come in a heart-shaped box, but expensive delicious chocolate that you can melt and drizzle over her erogenous zones. Who doesn’t want to lick chocolate-covered nipples. Mmmm.

Spa Certificate – Treat her to a day of pampering that you can enjoy too. If you have a thing for feet, pay for a pedicure that you’ll love admiring later. Or if you’re the king of cunnilingus, why not a Brazilian wax.

Boudoir Photos – I remember doing this with girlfriends in college, and we did it for our own enjoyment. This is an intimate experience that women will enjoy during, and guys after.

Guys: Any sexy suggestions?

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