Common Male Insecurities: You’re Not Alone

A lot of men are insecure, especially when it comes to dating.

Let’s look at some common male insecurities and solutions for gaining back confidence.

Men are Insecure Too

Women are notorious for agonizing over perceived imperfections when it comes to dating. Even the most svelte supermodel will ask, “Does this make me look fat?” as she pinches air on her belly. Never mind that most dudes could care less if there’s more of her, or outright prefer it!

But we aren’t the only ones with anxieties when it comes to appearance and dating-related issues. It’s human nature to scrutinize everything or to measure ourselves against others and feel we might come up short.

Guys have just as many dating insecurities, and sometimes have anxieties ABOUT their dating insecurities. Not only do you experience the same worries over supposed flaws, but you worry about the worrying!

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Some men have a knack for appearing confident and down to earth, comfortable in their skin. But underneath, they have the same dating insecurities as anyone else. Many get by with a fake-it-til-you-make-it mentality.

You can’t let your so-called imperfections run your life or stop you from hookups and love connections! When you’re riddled with doubts, remember, all kinds of guys date, hook up, fall in love, get married, break up, and do it all over again.

What Makes Men Insecure?

These are some of the most common male insecurities for guys on the dating scene.

I’m Not Attractive Enough

There are two sides to this very common, very human dating insecurity.

One is the obvious—not every person in the world is a ten. Even if there is beauty in everyone, not everyone is AS gorgeous as the most gorgeous people in the world. I am not Marilyn Monroe, period, even if I’m fine enough.

The solution here is to maximize your assets and accept the rest—be the best you, and put your best foot forward. Don’t compare yourself to someone else.

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I’m Too Short

I’ll tell you what’s really hot. My girlfriend is a model who is six feet tall. She wears a lot of very high heels due to her glamorous work. She fell in love on a photoshoot in Mexico, with an artist she met on the beach. Her now-husband is five foot seven.

Instead of constantly whining about the obvious, Miguel has a sense of humor, and he also worships his Amazonian beauty. They have amazing chemistry, and you can’t help but feel the sizzle. His confidence makes the whole thing incredible. She can’t help being that tall, and neither can he, and no one cares.

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I’m Losing My Hair

Stop obsessing over hair tonics. It’s very common for a man’s hair to thin, recede, go gray, or go bald. It sucks, but accepting it is your hottest strategy! All women have dated bald or balding guys if they’re are over twenty. If one woman doesn’t care for it, move on—lots of women are waiting for sex and love and prefer you to be sweet, funny, or kind than to have a lot of hair.

I Have Too Much Body Hair

Too little, too much, in the wrong places—every dude worries he’s too much of a bear, or too baby smooth. You get what you get. Get over it. There are actually women who have a fetish for men with hairy chests, arms, and other places. And this is one of those insecurities that women have too, so we can empathize.

I’ve Got Moobs

Even a skinny guy can develop man boobs. It’s common if you’re chubby, or going through puberty, but can happen anytime. Even a slight hormonal imbalance can cause fleshy protuberances where you don’t want them. Man boobs can run in families too. If it’s a matter of exercising, then put in the work.

If nothing helps, you have to learn to accept this. Nobody’s perfect!

My Penis Is Too Small

Nothing’s big enough for you guys—the largest guys among you worry too. The average size is nowhere near big enough for your taste. Some women want big cocks, true, but most of us can work with what’s there.

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I’m Uncircumcised

Your dick worries go on to whether or not you are circumcised as well. A very common dating insecurity is not being “cut” in a predominantly cut culture. If that’s where you’re at, see your member as unique, and show her what different can do.

I Don’t Have a Lot of Money

You can still meet women and hook up when you’re unemployed or when you’re working hard but have a lot of responsibilities. Not all women want big spenders. Some of us value thrift or respect that your kids and student loan come first. Use your imagination for less pricy date ideas, and be honest about where you’re at.

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I’m Not Fit or Strong Enough

There’s nothing less hot than a man who spends all his time in the gym or in front of the mirror. The good news is that you can do a few daily exercises at home to not only build muscle but feel better about your looks. It’s the discipline that’s hot, not so much the muscle.

I’m Too Old to Find Someone

Men of all ages date and have sex. Some women prefer older men. Still, it’s natural to feel that sex and beauty are wasted on the young, and as you get older and figure things out in life, you get more wrinkles and less mobility. But don’t let it stop you from dating and having sex. You can’t compete with a strapping triathlete in his twenties, but the truth is also, he can’t compete with you.

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What common male insecurities can you relate to?

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