How to Make the Most of Your Small Penis

It’s the one issue that never gets resolved. Do women care if your penis is small? The answer is always the same: some women don’t, and some say the whole point of sex is to be penetrated by something that makes them gasp.

Most men who are worried it’s too small actually have a normal-sized penis, but some men really got the short end of the stick. It’s not fair and not their fault and there’s nothing they can do but come to terms with it.

These guys don’t want platitudes of reassurance—they want bigger cocks. Since that’s simply not possible, the only option is to come to terms with the fact.

Understand that bigger is in the eye of the beholder.

Your hookup MIGHT be hoping to be fucked by King Kong tonight, but she’s probably more worried about whether you’ll like her better in jeans or a miniskirt.

You don’t know what size her last partner was. And some of us enjoy variety.

You’re not the only one.

Like it or not, unless you have an actual medical condition, your penis size is normal, somewhere. Men in China, the Koreas, and Thailand average under four inches. The global average is 5.5 inches. The mythic 8-inch cock is uncommon, and the 10 incher is practically a fairy tale. They exist, but most of them are rubber!

Your imagination can be bigger than your dick.

The old saying about becoming a better lover if your dick’s not in the way is true. Leave your ego at the door and get super turned on while watching her fuck herself with a dildo. Develop a thirst for pussy licking, and you’ll never go dateless. Use your hands. Cuddle her. Become the best kisser she ever hooks up with.

Humor is your best defense.

Don’t ignore the obvious, but don’t obsess over it either. A candid, lighthearted joke or reference is all that’s needed to break the ice.

Women have body issues too.

Stretch marks. Weird or oversize labia, or not much labia. Difficulty with orgasm. Big feet. Uneven tits. Tiny tits. Saggy tits. Vaginas that aren’t twenty and tight anymore. Back fat. Stomach rolls. Varicose veins. Funny toes. Fat thighs. Need I go on?

Focus on feeling.

All cocks feel pleasure. Don’t torture yourself with ideas about what men with monster dicks feel or don’t feel, or what they make women feel. Some can barely keep them at half mast, and have very little sensation in the shaft. Concentrate on the fact that whatever she’s doing to your dick feels amazing.

I’ll be blunt here:  I take a LOT of pleasure from GIVING a man pleasure and turning him on. While I do enjoy the sensation of a big cock, the thrill of pleasing a guy is a huge turn on, and dicks of all sizes feel pleasure.

Anal sex will be on the menu.

Here’s the best news you’ve read, ever. An informal survey of my friends says unanimously that women are more likely to go for anal sex if they aren’t worrying about having their intestines ruptured.

For many gals, it’s a challenge just to get a finger or small butt plug in there, so they don’t want to experiment with a huge dong thrusting wildly in and out.

But you? You—we can do. Get to it!

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