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You may be lucky enough to live some place where winter doesn’t take up almost half the year, but if you do live in a chilly climate, you may have already begun your hibernation. And cold weather does affect dating! I have friends who joke about finding a girlfriend before the deep freeze hits because it’s almost impossible to make connections when everyone is staying home most nights.

Thank god for online dating is my response. You can cozy up to your fireplace or under the covers while meeting a sexy someone for a hookup, date, or the beginning of something serious. But… one or both of you will have to venture out of the house, brave the cold, to finally meet. This is where stay-at-home dating rocks! For people who love being in comfortable surroundings, it’s perfect. And for those who are on a dating budget, it’s also the answer. So what can you do at home when you invite your next date over? Here’s a few ideas to spark your imagination.

1. Cooking Dinner Together. Women love a man who cooks, even a man who tries to cook. Sadly, there’s a lot of order-in/take-out/fast food guys out there, so if you can whip up homemade mac and cheese, or just grill a steak on the barbecue, you’re ahead of the pack. And cooking together can be a fun and intimate experience, especially for two beginners.

2. Game Night. Nothing can heat things up like a little competition. Of course, most video games are all about competing, but some gals might prefer old school board games with dice and cards. You can also add a little gambling to up the adrenaline factor. Poker is perfect for an indoor double date.

3. Netflix and Chill. This expression has taken on a life of it’s own. If you don’t know, people use it to imply a hookup, so if it’s your first date after meeting online you may want to hold off on asking her over to chill and watch Netflix. If she’s into certain types of movies or has a fave director, this is a great second date (you’ll want to talk on your first date and get to know if there’s chemistry.)

4. Bath and Massage. This date is for those of you who have already been intimate. But who knows, I’ve been known to get in the tub with first dates! If it’s your place, make sure the bathroom is clean (actually, make sure your entire pad is hookup-ready) and that you have bubble bath and candles on hand, massage oils and rubs for after play.

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What was your best at-home dating experience? Please share in the comments!

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