3 Common Dating Insecurities Men Have

Everyone has insecurities about themselves when it comes to dating and sex.

We put our best foot forward, and may even outright lie, or at least embellish our profile. But underneath, we have our worries and anxieties about how we measure up, our flaws and weaknesses.

Many women worry about their weight, about dating if they have young children, and about the size and perkiness of their breasts.

Here are some common dude concerns, and solutions.

3 Dating Insecurities and How to Deal

1.  You have, or think you have, a small penis.

This is so common as to be almost universal.

Some of the bigger dates I’ve had were equally convinced they were on the small side as men who actually were.

Guys associate size with female attraction, female satisfaction, and personal status.

Measure it, and do some research on global dick-length averages. If your dick is between 4.5 inches and 7 inches, it is totally normal. A tiny percentage of men are larger than that.

Make a decision to come to terms with what you’ve got, even if it really is small. You can’t help what you were born with, but you can help your attitude. Your penis size isn’t stopping you from hot sex, YOU are.

Recognize that some women have a size preference, but most want a generous and creative lover with a sense of humor who pays attention to her. Your hands and mouth are important sex organs for giving her pleasure, even if your dick is nine inches long. Man up and include a dildo in your arsenal if she wants to feel something bigger.

2. You are unemployed or have low-status work.

Some women have a status preference for doctors or yacht-owning playboys. The vast majority of us are most interested in someone willing to work, and that’s it.

It can wreak havoc on your self-esteem if you’ve lost a job or your business. When I see a man who labors all day at a factory or nailing tiles onto a roof, I see a very physical guy who is willing to do what it takes. That’s a major turn on. Did you know that most blue-collar guys have a better sex life than advertising executives or brain surgeons?

It’s true that if you are unemployed and refuse to lift a finger for a job where you will break a sweat, a woman may not be bowled over by your ambition. But if you’re working at a coffee shop and going to night school, we see resilience and determination.

Your employment status might be more important to dating with marriage and family in mind. When it comes to casual sex, it’s often irrelevant.

3. You’re going bald.

I get it, you would rather keep your hair. But that doesn’t always happen.

There are millions of men who are bald and somehow they have lovers and wives. You have to come to terms with things you can’t control. A guy obsessed with his baldness is about as attractive as a chubby woman who constantly puts herself down instead of living her life.

Ditch the useless lotions and the hats and work on your sense of humor—more women mention this being a turn on than any physical attributes.

Many women have a thing for bald guys, by the way. It’s not just that she accepts it, but that she finds it sexy.

What dating insecurities do you struggle with? Please share in the comments!

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