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Hookup Help: Sex with Older Women

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Q: Dear Jenny. After a shitty breakup, I’ve decided to play the field and not get too serious. I’ve changed my dating profile to reflect that I’m just interested in short-term relationships and casual sex. So far, the only women to respond are older, some ten years older! I’m used to dating women my age or younger, twenty-six, but I wonder if I should see what this cougar thing is all about. Is sex really better with older women? That part I can handle. -Todd

A: Hi Todd. Most people, after being in a long-term relationship, go one of two ways: they either jump right into another serious relationship (a rebound that rarely works) or enjoy no-strings-attached fun until they are ready to commit to someone again. Nothing wrong with that!

The reason why older women are attracted to your profile is because most cougars seek younger men for relationships that are non-committal, at least in the beginning. Many of them are also coming out of longer relationships, even marriage, and want to have a little fun. Many also find men their age to be unable to keep up with their youthful energy, as most cougars take care of their bodies.

I have many guy friends who join cougar specific dating sites like MatureKiss to meet older women because they say it’s easier than going to a bar. I say go for it! You’ll quickly see the benefits of dating older women. These include a confidence that age has rewarded them with, independence, and life experience (which definitely includes sex!)

Cougars know what they like in the bedroom because they’ve been around long enough to try most things. Older women usually aren’t shy about voicing their needs and desires, as well as teaching a younger man a few new tricks. It can be a relief to be with a woman who doesn’t need to turn the light off or expect you to take the sexual lead.

If you want to attract even more older women to your profile, be sure to open the age gap in your search settings.

Readers: From your experience, are older women better in bed?

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