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Hookup Help: Dating Sexually Experienced Women

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Q: Most of the women I meet and hook up with are online. In my dating profile I have always given an age range that was younger than me (I’m twenty-five)… what can I say, I like women with good bodies and lots of energy. The problem I’m finding is that they don’t always have a lot of experience sexually. It doesn’t take much for me to get off, but I wouldn’t mind a decent blow job once in a while. And I’ve had more than a couple women who think lying there like a log is okay, not!!! I don’t want to put something in my profile about “experienced women only” but is there any way to tell on a first date if someone will be good in bed? I just don’t think that bad sex is better than no sex anymore.

A: Dear C. Online dating is great, and that’s how I meet most of my partners, hookups, etc. too. One possible problem with you not meeting experienced women is the age range you talk about, especially because you’re so young. You’re in your sexual prime, so ya, I’m sure it doesn’t take a lot to get your rocks off, but… most women under twenty-five don’t have a lot of experience, aren’t at their sexual peak, and sometimes don’t even know what they like. I’m going to suggest changing the age range of women you seek to 20 – 40. Are you gasping? Don’t. There are plenty of hot older women who will not only be able to keep up with you sexually, but may teach you a thing or two. And most “cougars” are in shape and are looking for a younger men because they have youthful energy.

If you did put “experienced women only” in your profile, guess what – it would be a lot of older women messaging you. Knowing if someone is good in bed beforehand is a very difficult science. I find the ones who like to talk a lot about sex, aren’t always that great when all is said and done, which has always confused me. And sometimes the shy, quiet types come out all guns ablazing. If you hold off on sex (not the first date) and begin to get to know a woman, you’ll be able to gage the chemistry level. If you both feel sparks and you can’t wait to have sex, try holding off as long as you can… for awesome explosive sex!

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