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Hookups are Hotter with Older Women

Sexy Woman Reclining in Robe

Casual hookups are exciting, and for me, variety is probably the biggest reason for that. I also love anticipating the unknown, and the novelty factor is hot. Like unwrapping a present when I’m undressing someone new!

Last weekend I answered a message from a gorgeous woman in her fifties, and I’m SO glad I did. A Sunday afternoon spent spreadeagled over her red leather sofa turned me inside out.

The mystique of the older woman has been around a long time, showing up in myths and movies and the fantasies of both men and women! And there are some good reasons you feel the way you do about Mrs. Robinson.

Mature Women Love Sex

One of my occasional lovers, Lauren, 44, says, “I don’t know what happened, but I love it. My sexuality now is different. It’s not tied to emotional factors or being part of a social circle or status. It’s just about sex! And more sex! I’m hooking up more than ever before. I don’t want someone to call me back or love me. I just want to be fucked hard.”

Young women are discovering their sexuality. Older woman don’t need anyone’s approval, and their actions are about doing what they want and pleasing themselves.

She’s not waiting for permission from society over what to wear, what to do, how to act.

Cougar-Cub Relationship are Taboo

When an older man has a 22-year-old piece of candy ass hanging on his arm wherever he goes, we barely raise an eyebrow. But tongues wag if the players are reversed.

Just the suggestion of a mature, established woman getting plowed by a virile young stud is enough to get the tabloids into a tizzy. Remember when Madonna celebrated her divorce to Guy Ritchie by hooking up with a Brazilian porn star named Jesus?

Jesus, that was hot!

And recently I learned that the artist Georgia O’Keeffe, a painter who I could take or leave, had an affair with a man 58 years younger when she was in her twilight years. Kinda made me want to live forever.

 Older Women are Ready and Willing

As horny and as slutty as I am, it still takes some time to warm up. Wine and seafood make great foreplay, and so does actual foreplay. You can get me so ready by going down until I beg you to put it in.

But I get that sometimes the thrill of a hookup is really about an anonymous quickie. To just walk in, pull up her skirt, shove her panties aside, and fuck her against the wall.

My older girlfriends tell me it’s different now. The engine doesn’t require the same kind of warm up. Karen, 50, says, “I can come in two minutes, and I can come again just as fast. I was never like that. Sometimes it took half an hour of playing with my clit!”

To some extent, the stereotype of the cougar or the older woman and the “zipless fuck” might derive from this strange fact.

Danielle, who’s in her late 30s says, “I don’t know why it is, but I LOVE quickies now and I love getting right to business without always going through the preliminaries.

Her theory is that in youth, our female hormones like estrogen work hard to get us into bed and knocked up! Once they start to lower, the testosterone has a chance to take centre stage. “I used to love snuggling for hours, but now all I want is the cock. And I come so easily now.”

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NeaR (FMorg blog)
2 years ago

I am Nea and I write for blogs that feature everything dating, relationship and sex-related. I found this specific post interesting as I have written about online dating as well. Will it be ok if I use this post as a reference/resource for future posts that I will write for our blog?

I’m also open to contributing as a guest blogger for you or maybe a link exchange? That would work that too. Whatever is okay with you. Hoping to hear from you soon.Thank you!

Lola Page
2 years ago

Hi Nea,

My name is Lola and I’m the owner of this blog. Thanks for your interest! Feel free to use the post as a reference but please do not reproduce the content without permission.

We have many writers but have not worked with guest bloggers before. I will contact you later this week personally and maybe we can work something out. 🙂

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