4 Reasons to Hook Up with Women Over Forty

Our society is obsessed with youth. Women in particular are encouraged to fight the signs of ageing with creams and surgeries and crazy diets. For some reason ageing is seen as a weakness and something that is definitely not sexy, but I’m here to tell you that’s a load of shit. Older women can be hot!

Here are four reasons to rethink your dating strategy and move that upper age limit setting on your dating site to over forty.

4 Reasons to Date Women Over 40

1. She Knows Her Body

Several years worth of relationships, or just plain old-fashioned masturbation, has taught a forty-plus woman a lot about what she likes and doesn’t between the sheets. That’s good news for you because it means you won’t have to guess. Chances are she’ll feel more open to guiding you and expressing her needs, now that she’s an expert in them.

Something really great happens to a lot of women over forty—they stop giving a fuck. They worry less about whether or not their needs are in keeping with societal expectations, or what others think of them. And in a lot of cases, this burgeoning sense of liberation makes its way into the bedroom.

2. She Knows Her Mind

Many women over forty speak to a feeling of empowerment that develops some time in their mid-to-late thirties. Suddenly, they know who they are and what they want out of life. Unlike a twenty-something who is perhaps still searching for her place in the world, the forty year old is already there.

What does this mean for you? Mostly that you won’t be called upon to assume more roles in her life than what you signed on for. By forty, a woman knows if she is good at maintaining the boundaries necessary for casual sex. If she’s open to engaging in that kind of arrangement, you can assume she knows what she’s doing.

3. She Can Teach You a Few Things

Whether you’re a bit unsure of yourself in bed, or just plain inexperienced, you can pick up a few pointers from your mature date that will not only serve you both well in the moment, but give you some new skills to carry forward to your next hookup.

If she’s open to it, you can even incorporate power-exchange role plays into the mix. Try a little student-teacher or employee-boss action. Mix up the roles if you like, or stick to what you know. The important thing is that you both sign off on the scenario and that you enjoy yourselves.

4. Her Libido Is at Its Best

Twenty-somethings might be hot, but they have yet to reach the pinnacle of their sexual awakening. Because her body is nearing the end of its reproductive years, chances are, a forty-plus woman is more horny. Think of it as a one-last-chance kinda thing.

I’ve heard it said that a forty-year-old woman’s libido is more in line with that of an eighteen-year-old man’s. Of course it varies between individuals, but isn’t that a great reason to date an older woman?

Do you have any experience with dating women over forty? Share your experiences in a comment!

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