Vagina Slang: 19 Other Words for Vaginas

It’s astonishing how many slang words there are to describe a woman’s genitalia!

Other words for vagina range from affectionate to descriptive to ridiculous to grotesque, and the way women respond to or feel about them also ranges widely.

For example, the ubiquitous, most popular word is “pussy.” It’s my personal favorite—I see it as sexy and fun and not overly clinical or cute. But it’s a big turn off for some women. I also find “cunt” to be quite a turn on during sex—it’s harder and hot—but calling women, not vaginas, this old word for vaginas is degrading and mean.

You no doubt have your go-to words, and your lovers no doubt have their preferences.

19 Vagina Slang Words

Here are some other words for vagina that I’ve heard, with a little bit of commentary.


This may be the oldest vulva slang. It wasn’t slang to begin with, but simply the word for female genitals, going way back to the 13th century. The etymology is disputed, but “kunta” in Norse and “cunnus” in Latin are clues. The word was “queynte” in Old English literature and was not considered obscene, although “he caught her by the queynte” from The Miller’s Tale by Chaucer sounds an awful lot like “grab her by the pussy.”

Some argue the origin of cunt was simply from the name of a street known for prostitution, and others attribute it to ancient Indian origins, the goddess Kunda, or the Asian goddess Cunti. The truth may well be a mishmash of all of the above, as words are commonly formed out of multiple causes.


The old French word “pucelle” means “maiden” or “virgin,” but most scholars find it more likely the word comes from Scandinavian words that sound like and mean “purse.” I think the most likely explanation is more obvious—it’s a pet name for cat.


Not offensive, not erotic, and confusing as it really doesn’t describe the vagina at all. Most women do not find this other word for vagina endearing at all.


I seldom hear this old fashioned one but like it a lot—it’s like “pussy” but wilder.


This is probably from old Norse words again, but has come to mean idiot or moron more than genitalia. Not sexy.

Front Hole

No, no, never. Strangely enough some medical outlets and feminist magazines have taken to using this on the grounds that it is more inclusive to gender noncomforming bodies. No, sorry. It is demeaning to all bodies.


I kind of like the imagery summoned up by the term “muff diving,” but in the decades of everyone shaving everything, this has lost popularity. (This didn’t happen to pussy, though, which was just too integrated into our language by then.)

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Very disco and poetic too. This vagina slangs is found more often in somewhat outdated lesbian erotica than in contemporary usage.


The all-purpose cutesy euphemism, whenever you don’t want to say “vagina.”


Another cutesy word for vagina. I like it: it’s close enough, without sounding so darn clinical. Men don’t use this, but many women do when referring to their own sweet spot.


The short form seems practical, but really rubs me the wrong way!

Nether regions

This vagina slang sounds like something on a Dante’s Inferno map. Too old fashioned!


There’s only so much cute that is practical.


Too Canadian outdoorsy sounding, but was popular when we were all hairy.




A bit violent sounding, but I confess it turns me on a bit.


Something you might hear in an old man bar. This slang word for vagina is too crude for most women’s tastes.

Meat Flaps

Only if I can call yours a “meat stick.”

Meat Curtains

Not if you ever want to ever see her again.

There you have it! There are many more, but a few usually does it for most of us. For me, it’s vagina, pussy, and vajayjay, depending on context!

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How do you refer to a woman’s vagina? Care to share some other slang words for vagina?

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