Worries Women Have about Their Vaginas

One thing women don’t quite get is that men worship pussy. It should be obvious to women, who complain all the time that “all men care about is pussy” or that men are easily lured from responsibility or important matters by the thought of a vagina.

Yet it’s true, boys, we still don’t quite get it. We are always worrying about our vagina.

What is it that makes us anxious? It’s a long list, but here are a few, and how you can help.

Is our labia too long or too large?

Not sure what “too” means? Well, apparently neither do we. Some cultures and some individuals have a “thing” for cute, tidy vaginal lips, going to the extent in some case of trimming them off! Other cultures and people have a fetish for extra large or longer lips, stretching and pulling them in hopes of making more to love.

Make yourself popular by praising the pussy in front of you. Don’t compare her labia to those who have gone before. Don’t make fun or mock any differences. If you have a particular fetish for another sort of labia than hers, be a gentleman and don’t bring it up.

She can’t help what lips she was born with any more than you can help the shape of your dick or how your balls look when hanging.

Is our vulva too fat or too thin?

Some vaginas are kind of right there—not too much cushion, not much flower to open. Others are in there somewhere—a lot of flesh around the opening and the mons is a padded pillow.

You probably don’t need to mention much for this one. Stroke it, lick it, love it, and fuck it. Let her know how much her pussy turns you on, and don’t even let on you know about this insecurity.

How do we smell down there?

Even though I’m always reminding other women that guys are so desperate to smell pussy that they unwrap panty liners from bins and huff used underwear, women still worry about vagina smell. Never mind that nature designed the scent to be the perfect mix of hormones, a more powerful scent than any batch of cookies or perfume.

Don’t make a big deal of it, but if a woman doesn’t want oral, that might be why. Go out of your way to give her tons of licking when she literally emerges from the shower, and when she hasn’t, specifically mention that you love tasting the sweat of her pussy, that the taste and scent drives you wild.

Are we tight enough?

We read ancient erotic texts about the grip of death, about strippers who can crack nuts with their vaginas, and we wonder if we’re doing our Kegels properly. I’m sexually active and fit, but I still wonder if I’m somehow not working those pelvic floor muscles because there’s a bit of twitching going on but nothing that would send a ping pong ball across the room. We keep hearing from porn about how tight someone’s pussy is, so it’s only natural that we worry ours isn’t tight enough.

Assure your partner that you love how her vagina feels when you plunge your dick inside. If you’re on the smaller side and find the grip isn’t all that you hoped for, NEVER suggest she make her pussy tighter as if she is some kind of blow-up doll or Fleshlight.

Aim for positions of deeper penetration, like doggie style, or use a clean warm cloth to clear away any excess lubrication so you can BOTH feel more.

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