Female Grooming and Men’s Preferences

The Fine Art of Pubification

The truth is I have no expectations for a woman’s pube-trimming habits. Once I’m in the vicinity, though, I confess I do take note of what kind of effort (if any) she applies to managing her hairybits.

But I certainly don’t judge what I see down there. In fact, I consider myself a bit of an aficionado. From precision to neglect to every short’n’curly boxed in-between, this muff-diver happens to find all women’s trimming choices interesting. Whenever I first lay eyes on a woman’s vagina, I have an “Ah, that’s interesting…” moment. I think to myself, “I see she goes for the [one of the following, listed below].”

The Taco-shell (aka The Brazilian). Personally, I can’t imagine the pain is worth it; but I do find it very hot in a porno kinda way. Some guys might be just as easily creeped-out by its pre-pubescence. Also, it only seems to work if you’re super-slim: fatrolls spoil the effect. (Sorry.)

The Salvador Dali. Say hello to the pubic work of art. These are the bushes that are tailored, trimmed, shaped, and sculpted to make you feel like you’re snacking in The Louvre. Goodness knows the maintenance must be a nightmare to upkeep, but, hey, that’s not my problem.

The Linda Lovelace. I tell ya, it can be a jungle down there. Watch any porno made before 1980 and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. But I appreciate a confident woman who feels absolutely no obligation whatsoever to trim her snatch, even if it means her lover might choke to death. There’s also something sexy about having to dig.

The Sunset. Evenly-trimmed to be low and smooth, no more than a millimeter above the skin surface, carefully avoiding bristle, The Sunset is what I consider to be the affordable luxury vehicle of pubes. It always looks classy and allows for a comfortable ride. With the right gear, this one is completely DIY. (Then again, so is the Linda Lovelace, I guess…)

Or some variation thereof.

But here’s what I always wonder: Are women making their trim-choices for themselves, or are they experimenting with what reaction(s) they might elicit? I can’t believe I’ve never asked before! I certainly don’t think the question is a rude one. And it seems like a worthy social exercise.

Except maybe for The Linda Lovelace: “So, like, how come you don’t shave your bush…?”

Duly-noted to self.

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