All About Balls: 5 Testicle Play Ideas

I like to call them testosterone icicles—yes, they’re warm and meaty, not frosty, but they do hang rather decoratively and they are the hub where the T-hormone happens.

As their name suggests, the testicles, or testes, are the gland where testosterone and other androgens are made. They are egg-like glands in a handy sack.

This is a simplistic outlay of the biology, of course—you can check out a medical dictionary for the fully monty on seminiferous tubules, the process of spermatogenesis, interstitial macrophages and paraaortic lymph nodes.

Ready to Play Ball?

You might not think about your balls at all, or not very often, unless of course they take a hit, when you become acutely aware of the concept of pain. But these friends that take a back seat to the big guy, your cock, are small and mighty. They are absolutely essential to the miraculous art of making humans, for one thing. And they express eighty percent of the 20 000 protein-coding genes in the human genome.

Even then, many guys don’t put much emphasis on ball stuff during masturbation or sex.

Some of you do, though. Some guys are seriously into testicle play, and some are into very intense kinks and fetishes involving cock AND ball torture (CBT), ball crushing, and more.

Even if you feel you can take or leave testicle stimulation, adding a bit of scrotum stroking can intensify your arousal.

You may leave testicle touching out of the picture because your balls are so sensitive. Pity. Teach your partners how to touch you in a way that isn’t painful, or is wonderfully painful. Ball play can mean a harder dick and more intense orgasms.

5 Ideas for Testicle Play

Bring out the boys and explore these testicle play ideas with a lover.

1. The Tender Touch

Nothing fancy or kinky is necessary to maximize pleasure from your nuts. When you’re stroking your dick and looking at some hot smut online, simply slow things down and cop a feel of your nut sack while you do your thing.

Indulge a partner, too, and invite her to stroke your sack as part of her arsenal. You may prefer testicle play as a simple cupping sensation, a very gentle twisting or pulling, a feathery fingertip stroke, or circular gestures.

Adding a bit of ball stimulation just before you orgasm amps things up quite a bit!

2. Sucking and Licking

If your lover is into dick licking, let her tongue take you to paradise by spelunking every nook of your junk. A warm tongue snaking around your scrotum can be heavenly, and the sucking feeling is great too. She can lick and suck while her hand works your cock, or just tease you before she slides her mouth sideways across your shaft. Let her know what feels good as she goes.

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3. Sensation Play

The creative world of sensation play is unlimited, and experimenting means testing out the feelings not just on cock and pussy but on every part of the body. Sensation play is basically slow sex where you try out a variety of sensations and meander toward the main course or skip it altogether in favor of a sensual approach. It’s all about experiencing how different things feel on different body parts, not about working up a fast orgasm.

For example, lovers might use foods as foreplay, or massage each other fully in warm oil. They might use all kinds of fabrics to feel the sensations they evoke against different parts of the body, use hot or cold running water, feathers, blowing, fur, different textures on sex toys. They might use restraints and blindfolds to make the sensations more intense.

Your balls are a great spot for sensation-based testicle play because they are so sensitive. Try trickling cold water over them, or warm. Try oils or a handful of lube. Try an ice cube, flower petals, a silk scarf.

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4. Breast Smothering Balls

One guy I dated was really into this very specific thing—having his balls surrounded by my breasts. If you’re into tits, you probably enjoy the titty fucking thing. Ask her to pay attention to your testes, too.

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5. Ball Busting

Some guys don’t want the light touch that most testicles require. You might be a guy who has a bona fide kink for CBT, for ball crushing, or other kinds of rough testicle play.

Maybe you pray before your dates that she’s a nutcracker!

Some guys have a specific ball torture or crushing kink that is linked to the foot fetish, and they want to be teased and trampled by her feet or boots.

Ball torture can be mild or intense—YOU set the boundaries of how much impact or pain you enjoy, and communicate that clearly. Ball torture is about intense ball stimulation, and it can be from impact (slapping, flogging), restraint (tight cock and ball rings, or that silk scarf), a vibrator against your balls, ball stretching, or ball crushing (in a hand, vice, or underfoot.)

You don’t need any special devices for ball torture, although there are many that can be a lot of fun. If you forego the paraphernalia, there is still a lot that can take place with a slapping hand or pinching fingers, or biting teeth. And you can always mix CBT into role playing with a dominant partner.

If you’re kinky or hardcore you have probably already learned about safety and boundaries. But just in case you aren’t aware, it is easy to damage your balls with testicle play. It’s called testes trauma, and it can mean severe pain, testicular rupture, infertility, and other problems. So proceed with caution with someone you trust, and learn about safety before you play.

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How do you incorporate your balls into playtime? Dare to share?

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