7 Reasons Men Hire Sex Workers

There are lots of women looking for casual sex. So why do so many men still hire sex workers to meet their physical needs? While we have lost the stigma for many sexual choices, there remains a lot of negativity toward sex workers and their clients.

Does involving money in the transaction automatically render sexual needs or provisions somehow immoral? No, of course not! That’s utter nonsense.

7 Reasons a Man Might Hire a Sex Worker

1. He is denied sex by the woman he loves.

His wife isn’t interested in sex or has a much lower libido. A man who has been left out in the cold has an unmet need. While you can’t expect a person to give sex, you can’t expect someone to go without. It is a fundamental human quality and right.

Lots of men love their partner and don’t want to leave. They seek release discreetly on the side in a way that is emotionally uncomplicated for both him and the female partner. Many women give the thumbs up to this kind of arrangement, rather than wondering if their partner is cheating.

2. He’s too busy to date.

Even casual hookups take a lot of negotiation and aren’t guaranteed to end with sex. Although dating is fun and exciting for many, for doctors juggling an emergency room, or janitors clocking in at midnight, time can be a scarce resource.

3. It’s an honest way to approach sex.

You know what to expect when you both agree to a certain product for a certain fee. Some men appreciate the simplicity and honesty of paid sex. They don’t have to navigate “what she’s into” or wonder if certain kinky needs will be met. He simply states what he wants, and the sex worker agrees or declines. If she agrees, she names a price, and he’s good to go.

4. There’s no emotional involvement.

Most men and women want some kind of connection and spark, even if they’re keeping it casual. But life circumstances can be demanding, and sometimes sex without strings is best. A man may be going through a bad divorce or an illness or exams, and he wants uncomplicated sexual release.

5. The timing is right.

We think of sex for sale as being a street affair or rented hotel room in the middle of the night, but a lot of it takes place in the daytime at people’s condos and homes.

A man who needs sex will usually have to schedule dates for evenings after work, with no guarantee of the outcome. If he pays for sex, he can arrange a lunch hour drop-in or a rise-and-shine quickie before he heads to the office. He doesn’t have to linger, and she doesn’t want him to.

6. Mutual attraction isn’t necessary.

Generally speaking, sex is a gamble that depends on whether she feels attracted to you. Even if she is, she may want to delay or avoid sex for a million reasons. But if a woman’s motive for agreeing to sex is compensation, she doesn’t need to feel the same attraction to a man. For guys used to being turned down, this can help even out the playing field.

Don’t assume however that only unattractive men pay for sex. Being good looking does not guarantee a woman will be attracted to you, either, so this is a convenience for all men.

7. There’s no judgement.

Guys who struggle with premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, body issues, illness, different abilities, social anxiety, or worries about their penis size or shape can find the transaction of payment comfortable.

Because of a perceived limitation or difficulty accessing a partner, it can be a relief to connect intimately with a woman who isn’t sizing him up or expecting something he can’t offer.

Have you ever hired a sex worker? Can you relate to any of the reasons above?

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