4 Signs You Might Get Laid Tonight

First off, I need to clarify that I am not psychic. I’m not sitting here with a crystal ball, predicting when you will get laid. I’m just a regular lady, sharing my insights so that you might feel a little less ignorant when it comes to the subtleties of feminine lust.

And even if I was psychic, there’s no sure-fire way to predict when sex is going to happen. The only way you know is in the moment because even if she’s giving you all the signs, your date could change her mind at the last minute and that’s her call. But… it doesn’t hurt to recognize when she might be interested.

She’s Smiling and Laughing A Lot

This means she’s relaxed enough to let her guard down and enjoy the experience. She’s laughing either because she thinks you’re funny or because she’s a bit nervous and wants to show you that she likes you. You know she really likes you if your jokes suck but she’s laughing at them anyway. A lady won’t make that effort unless she’s feeling it. If she looks pained or uncomfortable in any way, or wants to change the subject when you think you’re being hilarious, you probably won’t get laid tonight.

She’s Receptive to Your Flirting

If she leans in when you lean in, or relaxes into your touch and keeps eye contact, she’s probably attracted to you and is open to seeing where things go. If you get a little suggestive and she enjoys it or starts talking about the things she likes in bed or the things she wants to do to you, and she hints at wanting to go back to your place, chances are you’ll get laid tonight. Of course she might reconsider if your pad isn’t hookup ready, so be ready! Clean that bathroom and take out the garbage!

She’s Touching Herself

Whoa! Back up there, horn dog. I touch my hair when I’m feeling flirtatious, so chances are your date does too. If she’s touching her hair and cocking her head to the side, that’s an even stronger sign that she’s into you. If she’s chewing on her hair, she’s probably nervous, or she might have forgotten that you’re in the room. If she coughs twice and touches her mouth, you probably have spinach stuck in your teeth, and she feels awkward about mentioning it. If she coughs three times and touches her wrist, she’s a secret agent calling for backup.

She’s Touching You

Most women like to test the waters before jumping into bed. If she’s finding excuses to get close and put her hands on you, she’s probably wondering what it would be like to take things to the next level. If you have a bug crawling on you and she swats it away, that doesn’t count. If your hair is on fire and she’s patting your head with a damp towel, that doesn’t count either. Think, are her touches unsolicited and flirtatious? If so, you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting your freak on.

What do you think? Did I miss an important sign that you’ve noticed in your quest to get laid? Help us all out by leaving a comment.

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