Women’s Pet Peeves About Hookups

Ever wonder what women talk about in the locker room? Well, it’s usually not about our screaming orgasms or your giant cocks.

When me and my gal pals gab about sex, it’s often to let off steam and express our pet peeves!

Don’t be too anxious about it. We know you’re human. But just for fun, here are some common sexual pet peeves, and the easy fix.

4 Hookup Pet Peeves of Women

1. You Wear Socks to Bed

It’s not a huge deal, but it comes up ALL the time. Your socks get in the way of the whole “naked” thing. They make it comical, not hot.

What could be easier to improve your odds of a high score than taking off your socks? Besides, getting undressed can be part of the fun.

I get it—they’re there for a reason. If you’re worried about stinky feet, start carrying clean socks in your laptop bag for back up, and hose down in her shower before getting busy.

If the reason is that you have callused hobbit feet, take care of that right now. Call your sister or your lesbian bestie, and ask her to take you to the salon. Pay attention to what they do, and start doing it at home once every few weeks.

2. You’re In a Hurry

Translation: she needs time to warm up and get aroused.

Women enjoy quickies from time to time, but our bodies work differently than yours. And if it’s always a quickie, we won’t be satisfied.

You might be racing to the finish line because you’re so excited, not because you’re selfish. Slow down with some foreplay, some conversation, some cunnilingus.

If you do come, don’t be embarrassed. Resist the temptation to run. Just say, “Oops, sorry babe, I was too excited.” But carry on with your hands, mouth, or a dildo. Soon enough your spent friend will be back in the game and ready for round two.

3. You’re Talking about Other Women

It’s one thing to chat about needs and desires, and we might even get specific when communicating about our lives and sexuality. But when you constantly name check someone else, or bring up how hot she is, or start fantasizing about your ex while in bed with us, it’s a major turn off.

When you’re in bed with her, please be present and pay attention to HER. Otherwise, what’s the point? You can jack off and think about whoever you want, but think about the girl you’re in bed with when you’re with her.

4. You Complain about Wearing Condoms

We get it—you’d feel more if your dick was unfettered. But you’ll feel even less if you’re not getting laid.

Safe sex and contraception are inconvenient and not so sexy, for both of us. But they are non-negotiable.

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I think many guys complain about rubbers not so much because you’re planning not to use them, but because they can make getting and keeping an erection tricky, especially if you’re nervous.

Instead of trying to come across as macho and swearing at the condom, man up and let her know. “I’m a bit nervous, and my dick isn’t cooperating with the condom even though it’s important to me that we protect each other. Sorry about that… it will just be a minute or two.”

Has your lover shared her pet peeves? How did you fix things?

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