Tips for Better Orgasms

We spend a good part of our lives pursuing orgasms. And it makes sense—if our orgasm is the peak experience we know of pleasure, we’re going to spend a lot of time and effort on making it happen.

If you feel your orgasms are not as intense as you’d like them to be, there are a number of reasons for that—lower testosterone levels, natural effects of aging, a decline in general health, poor physical fitness, and yes, sometimes, from overuse.

How to Intensify Your Orgasms

Abstain from Coming

If you are pumping out fountains of cum every day, your system might require a rejuvenation period. If your orgasms feel lukewarm, assess how many you’re having. Young men can get away with jerking off or fucking several times a day, but if the thrill seems to be waning, space it out a little bit.

Focus on the Anticipation

No need to tell your lady you want less sex. If you’re really having so much sex that your orgasms are exhausted, cut out masturbation for now and take the sex.

You can enjoy sex without having an orgasm. Enjoy make-out sessions. Remember blue balls? Remember how furiously you explode when you are tortured by long sessions of almost-sex? Tell her you want to lick her pussy until she can’t take coming anymore, while you keep your pants on until next time.

Another way to build up excitement in your body is to think about the sex you’ll be having later. Imagine small details ahead of time, like a shirt sliding away from her nipple, or the way she opens to your fingers. Dwell on the details, but wait to come until you get there. If you have four orgasms before your date, the payoff might be ho hum.

Feed your Testosterone

Boost your testosterone with healthy habits.

One way is to spend more time fantasizing and looking at women. You probably don’t have a deficit in this department, but if you’ve been overworked, tired, distracted, or any of the other less exciting facts of life, get back to basics and spend some downtime daydreaming of pussy. Don’t automatically beat off—allow the arousal to sweep through you.

Other important ways to boost testosterone levels include exercising, sleep, reducing cortisol levels (meditation, stress management, sense of humor), laying off the booze, and eating meats and fish including their natural fats.

Try Edging and Orgasm Denial

Edging is a kinky version of anticipation. This fetish focuses on building up arousal over long periods of time—you go almost to the edge of orgasm, then pull back. It can feel like torture, but practitioners soon realized the intensity of the eventual orgasm—after hours, and sometimes days or weeks—was mind boggling.

Explore Anal Penetration

Both men and women can intensify their orgasms through anal play. If you’re new to butt surfing, experiment with a small flared butt plug. If your date wants to finger your ass, don’t automatically decline or wiggle away. If you know she’s into that, clean your asshole before your hookup and have some lube ready.

You don’t need a strap-on or a big object to penetrate you. A small toy or her fingers can intensify your orgasm, without any attached pain.  If you really enjoy it, you can keep experimenting with prostate stimulation and larger objects.

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