When Your Sex Drive Is Higher than Hers

Even when you find someone who is sexually compatible (not an easy task!), you may have sex drives that aren’t always in sync. If it’s just a booty call arrangement or a friends-with-benefits type of thing, you can usually work around your timely desires, but if it’s a more serious on-going relationship, you’ll want to take a closer look and put some effort in to keep things on track. When you’re sex life with a partner starts sliding, it can be a slippery slope.

Often when a man has a higher sex drive, for whatever reason, he will become frustrated and impatient, making things worse than they already are. Patience and understanding along with these few tips should help to find balance.

5 Tips When Your Sex Drive Is Higher

1. Take a Step Back
If she naturally has never had as high a libido as you, you’ll want to respect that and not take it personally. We just aren’t wired the same way. Notice what puts her in the mood and when. Ask yourself: am I really pleasing her in bed?

2. Please Her in Other Ways
If a woman has a bone to pick or isn’t getting her needs met (other than sexually), you’ll find she just won’t be interested. Small gestures go a long way. She shouldn’t feel that all you’re interested in is sex.

3. Please Yourself
Masturbate as often as you need and don’t feel bad about it. If you have a sky-high libido, you may never find a woman who will want it as often.

4. Listen to Her
Many couples have trouble communicating about their sexual desires, and when things aren’t working it can be even more challenging. Open a dialogue that is inviting and non-judgemental, and without pressure.

5. Open the Relationship
Depending on your individual values and beliefs, having an open relationship or exploring polyamory can be a great way to satisfy both partners.

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When sex stops all together, it’s usually a sign that the relationship is in trouble. Many couples opt for outside help from a therapist or counsellor but sometimes those bigger issues are merely a sign of incompatibility.

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