5 Vacation Sex Tips

It’s that time of year. Time to get away from the cold winter blahs. Why not make the most of your vacation with a little sex on the side. Whether you’re going alone or with a bunch of buddies, there’s nothing like a rendezvous with a stranger to enhance your experience.

I’d always heard about vacation sex, but until last year, I’d never experienced it myself. Definitely not a disappointment – it was awesome no-strings attached sex! And, I still keep in contact with my Cuban lover.

You may want to get it on with a foreign beauty, but don’t forget about other travellers who have the same idea you do.

Tips for Finding Sex on Vacation

1. Find the Girls
You can’t expect to find sex in your hotel room or hanging out by the family friendly pool. Think bars, beaches, and tourist attractions. Ask a local where the women are, the action!

2. Go it Alone
Don’t be afraid to venture out on your own, away from your pack. It’s less intimidating to women to get involved with a guy hanging out by himself.

3. Exude Confidence
Being at ease and relaxed rubs off on those around you. You don’t want to appear on the prowl, you just want to make the first move without it seeming forced.

4. Be Charming
A breath of fresh air is what women respond to. Flirt your way to her affections with charm and compliments. Become her fantasy guy that sweeps her off her feet, if only for a night.

5. Watch her Body
Okay, you’re doing this from the get go, right? Well, after your initial approach and as the conversation gets going, watch her body language for signs of interest.

Take these tips on your next vacation for a hot hookup with a sexy stranger.

Any vacay sex stories? Tips to share?

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