Female Body Language Secrets

Have you been online dating, looking for a hookup, and not making it past first base? Women often reveal more about what they think and feel through movement rather than words. Call it coy, shy, or just plain hard to get. Non-verbal language is done automatically like breathing – even if she thinks she’s not giving anything away, she is! Don’t waste time wondering if she’s interested or if you even stand a chance of getting laid, just learn to read the signs and adjust your game accordingly. Body language can be very subtle so pay attention.

Watch and Learn

Eyes (holding your gaze) – she is telling you she is only focused on you. Respond to this with a smile.

Eye Pupils (dilate) – this can be a bit tricky because of lighting, but if you have been in the same environment for a while and you suddenly notice her pupils expand it means she wants what she sees. And the opposite is true, if they contract she may be thinking about laundry.

Mouth (smiling) – always an invitation to keep things going.

Mouth (laughing) – awesome, funny goes a long way with girls, possibly back to her place.

Lips (licking) – she may be drawing attention to her lips, giving you a hint to kiss her. Also, our mouths become dry when we are aroused. Bartender!

Shoulders and Feet (pointed towards you) – she is interested. If she turns away you know you’ve said or done something wrong. Fix it.

Arms (relaxed, moving) – she is comfortable with you. You don’t want to see her cross her arms.

Wrists and Palms (exposed) – she wants to show you more.

Leaning (in) – a great sign that she is attracted to you and she accepts you. A sudden lean-out means you probably did something to offend her.

Fidgeting (playing with hair, adjusting clothing) – she is emotionally interested. The quicker the movements mean it is more to do with nerves while slowed down gestures means she is trying to draw attention to herself.

Mirroring – if you notice she is imitating your own body language this is positive. We naturally mimic the actions of those we are attracted to.

And guys, while you’re busy watching what she does with her body, don’t forget to listen to what she’s saying too;)

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