6 Steps to Charm a Woman

You’ve found a woman who makes you swoon. You can’t get her out of your mind. How you proceed is important. You want to be charming, but not snake charming – man is being too obvious with his moves. Charming is a subtle way of impressing and attracting a woman without her noticing that she’s becoming attracted to you.

How to Charm a Woman in Six Easy Steps

1. Honesty
Women enjoy playing hard to get, and sometimes men think this works for them. Not really. Make it obvious when you like a woman without coming right out and saying it. If she’s a great catch, you don’t want to waste time because she likely has suitors around the corner.

2. Compliment
Chivalry is not dead. Giving compliments to a woman and acting like a gentlemen shouldn’t be something you have to work at but part of your everyday demeanor. Give compliments you genuinely feel and watch what happens. Women appreciate when a man notices the small things and isn’t “too cool” to compliment.

3. Be Available
A woman loves a man she can count on when she needs something, whether it’s a shoulder to cry on or something more practical. Just be careful not to move into “friend” territory. Be flirtatious even in friendly situations. The more you’re there for her, the more she’ll reach out. A dependable man is sexy and rarer than you think.

 4. Be Vulnerable
Women understand this is hard for men, so when you do show your sensitive side, you get extra points. Opening up about a personal struggle or emotional incident in your life will draw her to you and will deepen the connection that is forming. It’s difficult for a woman not to get attached to a man who talks about his problems and listens to hers.

5. Make her Laugh
This shouldn’t take effort unless you have a mismatched sense of humour which does happen and is usually a sign to move on. Making a woman laugh is a sure fire way of attracting her. Again, be careful because you want to be more than her buddy. Be flirty and fun at the same time – a little physical contact and sexual content never hurts.

6. Be thoughtful
This is where so many men don’t measure up, so if you can let a woman know you’ve been thinking about her when she’s not around, you’ll stand out – big time! Tell her something that you saw, or heard, or did that reminded you of her. Text her without needing a response, just a small message that lets her know she’s on your mind.

These subtle approaches to flirting are excellent moves to attract the woman you desire.

Guys: How do you charm a lady?

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