What to Know about Oral Sex on a First Date

Oral sex means something different for everyone.

You might not even think of it as “real sex” or something that has the same kind of value that intercourse does. You may think of it as an appetizer to the real thing, or something you do with someone you don’t know very well.

I know other people who consider it more intimate than intercourse, so it’s reserved for people they love only.

People just have upside-down and opposite feelings about oral sex, whether it’s a blowjob or cunnilingus. Oral sex also may be the only sex you know when you’re just getting started.

And then there’s oral on a first date.

Is Oral Sex on the First Date a Good Idea?

Much like sex on a first date, people have their opinions if oral on the first date is a good or bad idea. Let’s talk about it!

Is It Your Only Option?

Back in the day when you were too young to have a place or you had a million roommates, sex on the go was your only option. Do people still use the phrase “heavy petting?”

If a quickie is what you’re after, then oral is perfect? Or maybe one or both of you has been rubbed raw from too much in and out. Do people still use the phrase “honeymoon sex?”

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What Vibes Are You Getting?

Like I said in the intro, oral can have a very specific meaning for some women. She may think you want more than you do if you go down, like you’re into a relationship instead of a one-night stand. But then again, maybe she’s raunchily ordered you to get down and go to work. And if you like a dominant woman, do as your told!

Are You Expecting Something in Return?

Some guys go down, expecting oral sex in return. Don’t be this guy. If you love giving oral, go for it. Very few men I’ve been with have put their head between my thighs on a first date or hookup, but to those of you who have—bravo! Not only does it show a lover’s confidence, but it also bodes for something to continue—either a casual sex arrangement or something more.

Are You Confident In Your Skills?

But wait, you love giving oral but don’t feel confident enough to go down on the first date? Well, you’re not alone, and there’s no shame in waiting until you are confident. If there’s one kind of practice on the way to perfection men don’t mind, it’s putting their nose in a woman’s snufflebox.

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Is This Your First and Last Date?

If you’re just messing around, getting to know each other but plan to continue the fun on another date, there’s no reason to put it all on the table. When two people click on a first day with obvious chemistry, they will often start planning a second date before the first is over. If this is you, don’t be worried about holding back, keeping a few sexual tricks up your sleeve.

If it’s a one and done, or the sex has become a mutual agreement wherein both parties just want to blow off some sexual no-frills steam, neither of you will likely want to bother with oral. If it is what it is, then save oral for another day—proper oral takes time, and a poor showing is hardly worth the effort.

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Do you always give oral on a first date? Never? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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