Is It Ever Okay to Expect Non-Reciprocal Oral Sex?

Last week I wrote a post about why she doesn’t want to sleep with you again. As you might recall, one of the reasons I listed is that you’re a selfish lover (you refuse to sample her taco, even though she’s already eaten your entire sausage.)

This happens more than you might think! And if you’re someone who’s turned his nose up at Mexican food in the past, you might wonder, “Am I not justified?!”

Yes, If…

You State Your Intentions in Your Profile

Expecting oral for nothing in return can be considered a douche move, or a kink, depending on how you approach it. If you’re completely transparent in your profile, stating that you’re looking for a woman who wants to worship your cock for the sheer pleasure of it, and that you don’t intend to reciprocate, then by all means, ask away.

The key is to find women who want what you want, and in a case like this, the shotgun approach will likely backfire. Most women expect reciprocity.

It’s Her Idea

Of course there are some cock-worshipping women out there, or women who don’t like receiving oral for various reasons. If she’s shared this with you, then it’s totally reasonable to expect non-reciprocal oral. It’s important, however, that she’s the one who offers it.

You don’t want to force things by saying something like, “Kneel before me and worship my cock, woman!” First of all, that’s creepy. Second of all, who are you kidding? She’d probably just get up and leave.

No, If…

You’re Meeting for a General Hookup

As stated earlier, unless you specify your intentions early on, the woman you’re about to sleep with will expect oral in return for a blowjob. If you’re not big on eating pussy, tell her! (Just don’t then ask her to blow you.) Ask her instead if there’s anything else she might like to try.

Taking the most mainstream methods of foreplay off the table is an opportunity to dive deep into fantasies. If you make it interesting and erotic enough, she might leave feeling even more satisfied than she ever thought imaginable.

You Want a Blowjob, but You’re Not Attracted to Her

Ewww. My advice to you? Buy a Fleshlight or a sex doll. Using anyone like that is disgusting and selfish, not to mention just bad karma. You’d be surprised with how small the online dating world is. If you get a reputation as a selfish prick, it can be hard to recover.

Don’t be so lazy as to take what you can get. Put in the time and effort it takes to meet a woman you’re attracted to. There’s got to be one out there.

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