Dos and Don’ts for Quickie Hookups

Got ten minutes? Well, then, let’s fuck! What are you waiting for?

I’ve never understood why the quickie has a bad rap among some women—and even some men.

The objection is usually along the lines of two things: one, its supposed lack of intimacy, and two, the fact that sex should take longer and be more intense and involved.

True, sex can take longer and get more elaborate, with erotic foreplay and snuggling or deep conversation afterwards. It can be an all-night marathon, or a time consuming theatrical event with props and a script.

That said, the quickie can be incredibly intense. And it has its own merits—it doesn’t require all those props or so much time, for example.

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It can fit into any schedule. It can add a jolt of excitement to the mundane events of the day, such as getting ready for work. It can turn routine events like lunch-hour coffee or a trip to the library into an unexpectedly hot encounter.

I would also argue that for regular or surprise hookups, the quickie’s lack of intimacy is a plus. Don’t get me wrong—I love to make love slowly for hours, under the right circumstances. But when I meet men for hookups, I’m not looking for intimacy. I’m looking after my sexual needs, and letting off steam. I’m adding excitement and variety to my life.

While the length of hookups can vary considerably, the quickie is a staple as far as I’m concerned.

Do use your imagination for setting.

If you meet for drinks and dinner at her house, or rent a motel room for the night, don’t expect a quickie. Quickies are for different kinds of occasions—by it’s nature, the quickie is time sensitive. You can’t spend hours taking turns sucking each other off in a stairwell or in the car at the far edge of the WalMart parking lot.

Save the quickie for occasions that require you to bend her over the hood of your car, or the laundry hamper—whatever, while you’ve got the chance.

Don’t forget, she comes first.

This is the root of female objection to the quickie, of course. Otherwise there’s not much point to it for us, right? But I know you’re not one of those guys who wants to get off all by yourself, because then you could just stay home.

But how can you figure out how to get her over the brink in five or ten minutes?

Easy—let her drive. When you’re plotting your quick hookup, make it clear that you want her to take charge and get off first. That might mean she’ll be using your cock, fingers, her own hands, or all of the above.

Do keep it simple.

Don’t try to use all your best moves for two seconds each. Pick one or two of them and stick with it. Simplicity is key to a hot quickie. One or two positions, and you’ll spend the other 1435 minutes of your day imagining how you’ll take her next time you hook up!

Don’t come too fast.

Sure, if you’re in unisex washroom at the health club or office, and there’s a lineup outside waiting, you’re in a hurry. That’s what makes this kind of clandestine encounter so much fun. Don’t take forever, but you can always slip in a few more strokes. Think five to seven minutes, not thirty seconds.

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