Great Positions for Guys With Smaller Penises

Men with average or smaller dicks don’t need platitudes about how no woman on earth has ever cared about penis size. They need honest, practical advice to apply to sex.

It’s a fact of life that cocks come in a wide range of sizes, and so do vaginas, as do the tastes of women. Maybe your date is not a tiny size-zero woman but a bodacious and busty mama and you all but disappear into her. Maybe she’s had three kids, and you can’t feel as much as you want to.

Neither of you need more reassurance. You need tips and solutions for sex.

There are lots of amazing sexual activities like oral that you can enjoy together, and where your size or hers is no obstacle. But when it comes to the good old fashioned in and out, here are the best positions for you!

Best Sex Positions for the Small Penis

Reverse Cowgirl

I was with a gorgeous man a while back who was a little less endowed than others. I love being on top but every time I bounced up and down, his cock slipped out.

The solution is the reverse cowgirl. That’s when she climbs on top, but with her face to your ankles and ass to your face.

I know, you’re winning just with that, but this position gives more leverage because of the angle of your penis. It’s a better grip for her. A super hot move you get to do from here is to slide your finger inside her while your dick is there. This is amazing stimulation for her, and a great view for you.

Doggie Style

Doggie is every guy’s favorite, but here’s a secret: if a man’s packing too much heat, this deep-penetration position doesn’t feel good. I don’t like having my cervix battered, and I don’t have a lot of control when you’re thrusting and holding my hips while I’m on all fours.

With the average bloke instead, doggie becomes one of my faves too! I can feel it deep and hard without pain, and that really makes me relax and let go.

Chair Straddler

If you’re sitting on a kitchen chair, and your dick is sticking straight up, and she can straddle you and keep her feet on the floor, then both of you will forget your bed entirely. When a woman can keep her feet on the floor, she can better control her movements and grind herself onto you and take you deeper.

From behind the Chair

Standing behind her while she bends over the chair for support is great for you because her feet are on the floor, so she can swivel her hips and work you like an ice cream cone.

Back Door Entry

I enjoy anal sex a lot, but I want it to be comfortable. Ever try a butt plug? Sure, there are a few massive ones but the standard size is a very small toy—for a reason.

There’s way too much anxiety about pain for many women to want to experiment with anal sex with a new partner, but if you have a regular or smaller sized dick, she’s going to enjoy it a lot more.

So suggest it, and see what she says. If she asks, then what are you waiting for?

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