Foreplay Only? How to Make It the Main Attraction

Straight-up intercourse doesn’t need to be the star attraction because there are so many other fun ways to get off—sometimes foreplay is enough, more than enough.

Why would you want to skip the penis-in-vagina (PIV) climactic moment? Maybe you don’t have the time or energy to go the distance, or even get undressed. Maybe you don’t want to “go all the way” with someone you don’t know that well, but you still want to fool around and don’t mind if your lover orgasms. Or maybe you just want to show off some other skills that don’t involve humping and thrusting and pumping.

My lover and I often skip the in-and-out for other types of canoodling. When you don’t feel like fucking, but want to connect, try some of these fun foreplay ideas.

Fuck Intercourse: 5 Foreplay Ideas

1. Masturbate Together, Apart

When you can’t be with your loved one, especially for long periods of time, you’ll want to find a way to stay emotionally connected.

Sure you are probably masturbating on your own when you feel horny, but why not do it together through the magic of technology. Use FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, or Skype to dirty talk through a session together. You can either share your whole body or try a close-up if you’re brave. Delete the “meeting” right after for discretionary purposes.

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2. Handjobs Over Clothes

When we were young and making out with the parents not far away, there was always a lot of heavy petting going down, rubbing and grinding and grooving, without anyone ever taking clothes off to risk a surprise check-in from mom or dad.

If you’re just chilling on the couch, you can pinch her nipples through her shirt while she rubs the crotch of your jeans. See how far you can take it without getting undressed, even if you are in your forties. Come in your underwear and use it to clean up the mess.

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3. Oral on the Road

The idea of a woman sucking your cock while you cruise down the highway is an everlasting fantasy for many men, but it’s just not safe. A crash could result, or you could have the tip of your cock bit off!

Keep your eyes peeled instead for a quiet country sideroad to park on when you’re daytripping with your lover. Go down on her in the back of your flatbed, or let her lean over and give you that blowjob. The sound of every car passing will make your heart skip a beat and add to the climactic explosion.

4. Show and Tell Toys

Feeling a little low on energy? Play a little grown-up show and tell with each of you bringing your favorite toy, gear, prop, or sex accessory to your next rendezvous. Not knowing what each other is going to bring to the hookup is an easy way to build anticipation before anything goes down.

And it need not be elaborate—not everyone has a 10-inch, double-ended dildo in their night table or a St. Andrew’s cross to lug across town. You might simply show up with a strawberry cheesecake flavored lube, and she might bring a ping pong paddle she wants you to spank her with.

5. Tease to Come

I recommend bondage to everyone—it’s a fun and playful way to explore power dynamics that need not involve pain or punishment, unless you want that. You can enjoy teasing and tantalizing your lover through sensory play while they are bound, bringing them to the edge of orgasm over and over.

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Everything you need can be found at home—a scarf or tie or rope for binding, as well as all kinds of objects with various textures for stimulation. While you’re at it, use a blindfold too!

What foreplay makes you forget about intercourse? Please share!

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