How to Be Dominant in the Bedroom

Most women enjoy being dominated in the bedroom. Even a high-powered executive by day will likely want a break by submitting to her lover at night. If you’re a naturally passive man, this might be more challenging. Here is some advice to help unleash your inner dom.

Tips for Being Dominant during Sex

1. Take the lead. Plain and simple, be the initiator… make the first move. It’s called being the man! This might include undressing her (men don’t do this enough), laying her on the table, carrying her to the bed, or pinning her against the wall. Feeling desirable and irresistible are the biggest turn ons for women.

2. Use a commanding tone. Depending on your lady, she might react to taking orders (e.g. “Stand in the corner, and slowly take your clothes off while I watch.”) or she may get hot when you whisper in her ear exactly what you plan to do.

3. Act confidently. Being a self-assured lover is hands down the only way to go. And if you have to fake-it-til-you-make-it, so be it. If a woman doesn’t like what you say or do, she’ll tell you, so please don’t ever ask permission before you take the lead.

4. Share your fantasies. Many of us are afraid to let our lovers know what our sexual proclivities or secret desires are for fear of judgement. But even if a woman isn’t interested in pony play or bondage, at least you’ve put it out there which she will respect. This will also encourage your lover to open up about her fantasies.

5. Get kinky. Even if you’re not a full-on bdsm practitioner, you can still experiment with the roles of dominant and submissive. And actually taking on personas can be really fun to try. Check out these sexy roleplays.

Being dominant isn’t just about character or personality, it also includes other behaviours. Think of being dominant as playing a part, and remember you can turn it on and off, or adjust the volume to suit the woman you’re with.

If you want to switch things up, try: Sexual Role Reversal: Submissive and Dominants

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