Sexual Role Reversal: Submissives and Dominants

I’m not engaged in a bdsm relationship, but I do consider myself a submissive in the bedroom. I like a man to take charge, throw me on the bed, and put me in positions. This may be the more traditional roles that people take, but many men, who have daily lives full of responsibility and decision making, enjoy being with a dominant woman. Being told what to do is something of a relief. And there are more than a few ladies who enjoy dominating a submissive men.

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Most men and women primarily enjoy one role (submissive or dominant), but it can be fun to go outside your comfort zone with a little role reversal.

My thoughts on this came from a recent experiences with a new lover. We have a good time, and the sex is super fun. Perhaps because he is much younger, he is willing to try just about anything.

During pillow talk, the subject of bondage came up… then my handcuffs came out. I’ve been tied up by ex-boyfriends and enjoyed it very much, but I’d never been with a man who allowed me to use anything more than handcuffs. “New Boy” said he would love to be tied up and dominated, even spanked! I felt excited immediately, but also a little shy (what would I do with a man tied up – ankles and wrists!

With a little imagination and a quick search around the house, I was able to find plenty of objects to use. I insisted he be blindfolded, as this creates much more anticipation and excitement. Between spankings with wooden spoons and hairbrushes, I stroked his body with feathers and combs, pinched his nipples with tweezers, and dripped ice up and down. He was in heaven. I’d say my tiny vibrator, ice, and no talking were the best parts. And he did love the spanking. That was another first for me… to be the spanker. Once he was close to coming, I released my “prisoner” for my own satisfaction.

The whole experience was super hot! While I don’t anticipate being in the dominant role again anytime soon after this tryst, I know now that it is something I can do, and can enjoy!

What role do you identify with? Can you switch with ease?

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