5 Sexy Role Plays

Are hookups getting routine, predictable? The sex is good yet lacks a certain creativity. All you need is a little imagination and a partner that likes to play, and I guarantee a more exciting outcome. Mention to her that you like the idea of role playing before you meet. This gives her a chance to think and prepare exciting ideas of her own. Here are a few tried (by me) and true suggestions to heat things up.

1.Repair Guy/Horny Housewife
She’s sick of hanging around the house for a husband who comes home late every night. You show up to repair the washing machine and are ever so helpful. You’ve caught her in her lingerie as everything else is in the wash. You compliment on how well she keeps the home and herself looking. Let her know appliances aren’t the only thing you’re good at fixing.

2. Real Estate Agent/Client
Your client has come to the apartment for a tour before investing. She’s dressed sexy, hoping you’ll lower the price. You give her a tour, explaining how each area can serve as a sexual playground. She picks her favourite and asks for a demonstration.

3. Psychiatrist/Patient
Your patient has come to you with concerns. You ask her to lie down on the couch and make herself comfortable. When you ask about her sex life, she reveals that she feels dried up, that no one has been able to make her wet in a very long time. You are only too willing to prove her wrong. She hesitates, but agrees to an unorthodox doctor patient examination.

A student has come to your office after hours to discuss her failing grade. When you refuse to change her mark, she becomes upset, offering anything to change your mind. You pretend to be offended, but her advances are too much to resist.

5.Personal Trainer/Client
She has come to your studio for a personal workout and changes into a very tight outfit for the session. She complains about her lack of flexibility. You are eager to help her stretch and bend in just the right positions. You run your hands along her taut limbs, suggesting she take her top off so you can make sure she is using the right muscles.

Guys: What role plays work for you?

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