Dating Tips for Shy Men

Being shy might make it feel like you’re never going to get a woman in your life. I know it’s tough when you feel like approaching people even for non-romantic reasons is a big mountain to climb.

The good news is that shy guys can still hook up with ladies, and I have a few suggestions.

The internet is your friend. It’s much easier to meet women on dating sites because they allow you to go at your own pace.

When you create a dating profile, mention up front that you are shy, not that great at initiating things with a woman, or new to online dating. When you follow this up with your top qualities, then you will seem disarmingly real.

For example, you could write “I’m shy and awkward at first, but once I’m comfortable with someone, I enjoy spontaneous trips out of the city and sharing my passion for music. Many women want a confident man, while others will see opening you up as a challenge.

Overcoming shyness isn’t easy, but it’s perfectly possible if you’re methodical and brave. For example, when I was shy and lacking confidence after a bad breakup, the way I got myself back in the game was to start random conversations in the thrift store.

If you’re standing beside someone, just say, “How do I look in this hat?” or “Is this the cheesiest teapot you’ve ever seen, or what?” You don’t have to be talking to a gorgeous women who you want to get into bed. If you can charm old ladies, you’re working your way toward young ladies.

Chat with random strangers daily, and try to make the conversations longer every time. Never say anything creepy or sexual. Talk with no agenda, and when they say they have to go, let them go. When you’re ready enough, women might ask you out. It’s like training for anything.

Slow and steadily practice will build your dating confidence. This is not pickup-artist advice that will help you get laid every night of the week, but it might help you to find a sweet gal who wants to get to know you better… and who knows what else.

Be safe, and have fun out there!

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