How to Create a Confident Dating Profile

Many online dating novices make mistakes when they are creating their dating profile. Being humble is definitely a good idea, but that doesn’t mean you should under-sell yourself, according to the experts. We all have different aspects of our lives that make us desirable to others, and when it comes to your dating profile that’s the place where you really should flaunt it if you’ve got it… whatever that “it” might be.

“We do get questions from our new members asking how open and honest they should be about their assets, especially because we have a financially motivated community of dating enthusiasts who are undoubtedly interested in that information” says Ted Hargith of “It’s a great idea to let others know about yourself, but you should also make an effort to avoid being so specific as to impact your expectations of privacy. For that reason most of our members will explain the kind of business they were in when they made their fortune, but they won’t go so far as to start naming names or telling ladies exactly when they were the CEO of which particular firm.”

The same sort of openness comes through from the other side of the dating equation as well, with gorgeous girls going the extra mile to make sure their potential suitors are well aware of their best assets. “The wealthy men on Sugarlife are often older gentlemen who are looking for someone special to share their golden sunset years,” says Mr. Hargith. “Having a pretty girl make a profile and only upload a couple of very shadowy pictures isn’t likely to lead to much of a response from men of a certain stature. That’s why so many of the ladies we attract have created robust personal profiles with plenty of pictures, and even more to share privately in advance of a first date.”

Men and women who know what they want ought to be willing to show what they’ve got. If you’re an intellectual with a wall full of diplomas, mention this in your profile. If you own a nice boat or have a few awards from auto shows where your cars have taken home prizes – go ahead and toot your own horn. Flaunting your accomplishments displays a level of confidence that is very appealing to women.

How to Make a Woman Notice Your Dating Profile

How much of yourself do you share in your profile?

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