Common Myths about Female Sexuality

Where did you learn about sex? The classroom? The locker room? From watching a ton of porn? There are many avenues of discovery when it comes to sexuality, but how many of them are truly reputable?

Allow me to dispel some commonly held beliefs about female sexuality.

Women Don’t Want It as Much as Men

From an early age, we’re taught that men want sex, and that it’s a woman’s job to deny them. We see it all the time in sitcoms: He keeps trying and she just keeps shooting him down. Or in the movies: Boy meet girl, boy relentlessly pursues girl until finally she decides to give it up. Well, guess what? It’s all a load of crap.

Plenty of women want sex! If you have to chase her down, or jump through a ton of hoops to get it, chances are she’s not that into you. Some women want sex, some don’t, just like some men are horn dogs while others aren’t. Gender-based sexual stereotypes are insulting to us all.

All Women Can Orgasm through Intercourse

Nope. It’s just not true, and no amount of trying or (ugh) guilting will alter your partner’s physiology to make it possible. There are lots of articles out there stating that every woman can and should experience vaginal orgasms, but they’re just another way to make women feel inferior.

If your partner tells you that she can’t cum by dick alone, believe her! Every vagina is unique and every woman enjoys different things. Even if she has the technical “ability” to have a vaginal orgasm, she has to want it. She has to feel that it’s worth pursuing for her own pleasure, not because you read somewhere that real men make women cum from fucking them.

Sex Is More Emotional for Her

Wrong! Sometimes a girl just wants to fuck. It’s not always about romance, or a deeper connection. This myth ties into the one I mentioned earlier, that women don’t really want sex, they just do it as means of gaining love, or protection, or power over a man’s life.

I hate to break it to you, but sometimes we ladies just want to get nailed. It’s as simple as that. Conversely, I know plenty of men who feel that they become very emotionally invested in sex. Again, it doesn’t serve any of us to make sweeping generalizations about people based solely on their genitalia.

Every Woman Thinks Bigger is Better

Not true. Sometimes bigger is just straight up painful (says a woman who’s had her cervix jabbed many times). Far more important than size is fit. Do the proportions of your cock compliment those of her pussy? Because that’s all that really matters. Of course, it’s nice when a guy understands pacing and rhythm and all that, but none of these skills have anything to do with the size of your package.

Being turned on and in the moment can make all the difference to a woman’s enjoyment of your penis, so take the time to really give her some quality foreplay.

Any other myths about women’s sexuality you can think of? Do you wonder if there’s really any truth behind them? Leave us a comment and we’ll try our best to answer your questions.

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