5 Signs She’s Just Not Into You

Society pushes strong messages about the kinds of behaviors we should exhibit according to gender. If you’re a man, you should pursue sex every chance you get. If you’re a woman you should reject it, even when you’re horny.

While I feel the tide is turning, making these stereotypes less relevant every day, it’s still important to stress that women don’t play hard to get nearly as often as you might think.

5 Signs She Is NOT Interested

1. She Rushes to Get Away

If you’re saying goodnight to your date and she can’t get out of your sight fast enough, that’s a pretty big sign that she’s not feeling it.

A woman who’s playing hard to get will probably flirt a little, or hesitate when you ask if she wants to come in. If she’s just like, “Yeah, see ya” after a quick kiss or hug, she’s probably thinking about what Netflix show she’s going to use to distance herself from your horrible evening together.

2. She Doesn’t Like it When You Touch Her

Obviously, this is not a great sign. If she tenses up or squirms away from you when you try to give her a hug or kiss, she’s not into you. If it’s your first date, she might just feel it’s too soon to get physical. If it’s the third or fourth date, you should accept the fact that she thinks you’re gross.

It’s one thing to playfully push your hand away with a joke, it’s a whole other thing to have a physiological aversion to your advances. Either way, if a woman tells you to stop touching her, don’t question it. It never hurts to understand a woman’s body language.

3. She’s Blocked You

I can’t believe I actually need to point this out, but it seems that some people can’t take a hint. If your date has blocked you on social media, don’t start emailing to ask her why. No woman wants to receive a message from some creepy cryptic email address asking why she won’t talk.

If she’s playing hard to get, she might wait a few days before answering your texts. If she’s blocked you, it means she thinks you’re a stalker and fears for her safety.

4. She Ghosts You

Although it’s an extremely rude way to tell someone you’re not interested in them, ghosting happens all the time. If she stops returning your texts and doesn’t pick up when you call, don’t take it as an invitation to show up at her place of work.

At a certain point, you need to acknowledge that she’s written you off and stop trying. Not only will your persistence compromise your self-esteem, it will probably make her consider taking out a restraining order.

5. She Tells You to Leave Her Alone

She can’t get more clear than that. Anytime a woman tells you to back off, you should assume that she means it. Don’t try to tell yourself she’s just being coy, or that she’ll change her mind once you get her alone.

Even if she’s slept with you before, even if she seemed to enjoy herself at the time, you should always take her at her word when she says she doesn’t want to hang out with you. (I think most of you guys know this already but in case there are some who don’t, it bears mentioning.)

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