Women Talk about Sexual Dry Spells

It happens to all of us—the dreaded sexual dry spell, the long lean months in between relationships, the periods of chosen celibacy, the dip in desire, the commitment to someone who is away, the times we just can’t get laid.

Many people reported a dry spell in 2020, adhering to global lockdowns or warnings on social interactions that included sex.

Here are the true confessions from women about their experience of going without.

Sexual Dry Spell: Women Tell All

“In between my first long-term boyfriend and discovering online hookup sites, there was a six-month period where I didn’t date or have sex. I have no intention of wasting that much time again.” – Jennifer, 24

“In my late twenties, I was having the time of my life, living a kind of disco lifestyle. I was making good money, and I was good looking. I wanted it all, and I had it all. It was all about martinis, oysters, and chic lingerie. I loved being in the corporate world with my slutty secrets under my suit, that I was taking it up the ass from several different lawyers, and licking more pussy in a week than the CEO had been served in his lifetime.

But I woke up one day and wanted something else entirely, a man I could be comfortable with, a life where I went to bed early and snuggled, a dog we both walked in the morning. And that is eventually what I found, but it took a year and a half. That’s how long I was celibate while looking for that partner. It was weird and I felt unhinged some of the time, but so what? I was the same person really, someone who always knew what I wanted and went after it, and this is what it took, so I accepted it.” – Kate, 36

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“I signed one of those creepy promises to my dad and God when I was a teenager that I would ‘save it’ for marriage. Through the horniest years of my life, I was climbing the walls but pure as the driven snow. I haven’t married yet, but one day I was frigging myself for the fourth time to some threesome porn, and I decided I wanted to be deflowered on my own terms. I called a crush in my office and asked if he would come over and take my virginity. I was twenty. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse, and I loved every minute of it.” – Emily, 27

“Honestly, the longest I’ve gone is four weeks when my husband had out of state training with a new company. Not planning to repeat that. We have been fucking like rabbits since the day we met, and that was over thirty years ago.” – Elisabeth, 52

“There was a time when I was really jaded and thought if I was so bored with sex, I should experience not having it. I decided to try celibacy for one whole year, no matter what possibilities came up. I concentrated on other important things and shifted my focus. It was the right choice for me, because I found a school program I wanted and moved to a new town, and everything in my life changed.

I realized during the reflection time that the kind of sex I was having wasn’t satisfying, and in addition to working toward the job I really wanted, I started dating my kink matches. Life, and the sex I have, are much better thanks to that time out.” – Grace, 33

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How long was your longest no sex dry spell? Please share in the comments!

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