How to Get Laid More

Want more sex? There’s only one person who can make that happen—you.

Here’s what you need to include in your action plan.

How to Get Laid More Often

Resolve to get over insecurities.

If you’re an average joe, you might not attract the attention of babes as easily as someone who won the lusty lottery with good looks, independent wealth, a twelve-inch dong, or the whole nine yards.

But one thing is true, whether you’re a ten or a one: what’s standing in the way of you and sex is not someone else’s assets, but YOU.

Stop wishing you were perfect, and get on with your life. Build confidence in bed and in dating with experience.

Action: Accept that life’s not fair. Resolve to get out there and take your chances to make something happen and get laid.

Get over your excuses.

Insecurities about personal flaws or challenges might be legit, but they often turn into a crutch or excuse. “I’m not getting laid because I’ve lost all my hair” is popular, and yet I see countless hot babes dating bald men and loving them, including me. “I don’t have a job right now” is not an excuse, but an opportunity to get creative about low-cost dates and an honesty policy.

There are other excuses. Some guys blame women, their family, work, anything they can think up instead of facing the fact they need an attitude adjustment.

Action: Resolve to take stock of all the reasons you aren’t getting laid, examine them to see the excuses hiding there, and rise to the challenge of finding solutions or strategies.

Invest time in securing and maintaining one or more relationships.

Guys looking for casual sex usually don’t want to settle down or get serious with anyone. You might be too busy, have other obligations, or want to play the field.

But depending on random hookups means needing a “yes” again and again. Some relationships are casual, otherwise known as “fuck buddies” or “friends with benefits.” Some relationships are open relationships, meaning they don’t have to prevent you from other hookups.

When a casual connection goes right, don’t throw her number away. Ask her if you can call again, and if you’re both enjoying the occasional romp, get her thoughts on the friends-with-benefits thing.

People who have ongoing casual relationships created to serve their sexual needs have willing sex partners available to them. You just have to match a time to both of your schedules.

Action: Think about successful past hookups or dates, current connections, or friends who might be looking to get laid. Find like-minded partners online. Update your profile to say you are looking for ongoing casual relationships to benefit both of you.

You can get started on this step right now. Take a look at our list of the best casual dating sites.

Take some risks. Expand your horizons.

If you’ve been waiting for a Marilyn Monroe look-alike who happens to share your kink for Japanese rope bondage and is also a vegan, well, good luck.

If your tastes and expectations are too limited, you might be turning away sex.

I usually advise people to get specific on their profile so that like-minded lovers can find them. But keep an open mind to other possibilities too.

Action: Women come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of sexual tastes and lifestyle choices. We all have our preferences, but if you resolve to branch out and try something new, it might widen the net for you. Don’t assume sex will suck if she’s “not your type.” Keep an open mind and be realistic.

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