5 Signs a Woman is Interested

Sometimes knowing if a date is really into you, deciphering her words and body language, can be tricky. Well, kinda. As an experienced dater who likes to cut to the chase without being pushy, I’ve come to learn how to show a man I’m interested without spelling it out for him. It’s the subtlety that counts. Watch, listen, and learn from these signals, to know when your date wants more than a hug goodnight…

1. Friendly Touching
When a woman is interested, you’ll find she casually touches you in a friendly way. Her hand might brush against your knee, or pat you on the back, maybe a poke in the ribs. It may not seem like much, but this type of casual connection is her way of getting your attention.

2. Personal Questions
She won’t be asking about your ex (hopefully), but she will want to know more about you if she’s keen. She may inquire about your work, your passions, or your family. Be receptive, open, and honest, and be glad to find a gal who’s genuinely interested in who you are.

3. Props and Praise
Too much gushing will be a turn off, but just the right amount is a good sign that she’s into you. Graciously accept her compliments which might be about your abilities, looks, or anything in between. And don’t forget, women like compliments too.

4. Future Plans
Don’t be surprised if a woman, half-way through a date is talking about a second get together. Be happy, because now you can relax and enjoy the first one, knowing she’s already decided you’re worth a second date. Find a common interest to plan the date around.

5. Phone Number
The oldest sign in the the book, but a sure fire one that she’s interested. You may have had plenty of back-and-forth conversations on a dating site, but a woman usually keeps her digits to herself until she feels sure and secure. If you get these, you’re doing well!

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Guys: How do you know when a woman is into you?

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