How to Get a Second Date

When a friend asks me how a first date has gone, a lot of the time I’ll say, “it was good… we had a nice time, he’s nice…” This means exactly what it sounds like. I had a good time, but it didn’t stand out as exceptionally memorable. And will I go out with Mr. Nice Guy/So-So Date Guy again? Probably not. If you don’t make yourself stand apart and above these good but not great dates, the chances of second date heaven are unlikely.

So how do leave a woman wanting to talk you up to her girlfriends, leave her wanting to see you again? Of course chemistry and attraction will need to be present, but there are many little things that can give you an edge. Here are a few first date suggestions that will earn you not only brownie points, but also a second date.

Plan the Date
A woman likes a guy who is take charge and who will take the lead by planning the date. Read her dating profile carefully to plan something specific to her interests. Have a couple of backups just in case weather or her tastes dictate a change.

Be Unique
Dinner and a movie are too predictable and played out. Use your imagination and plan something different and new, maybe something you both haven’t tried.

Be Punctual
So easy and so important. Being late on a first date sends the message that her time and her as a person are not important. This is a good way to blow it before a date even starts.

Bring a Gift
Think small and inexpensive with this, anything over the top is going to freak a woman out. Ideas include flowers, baked goods, or a treat for her pet (if she has one).

Pick up the Tab
This is the gentlemanly thing to do on a first date. Thereafter you can go dutch or alternate paying for your outings. Don’t forget other chivalrous acts such as opening doors and taking her coat off.

These gestures aren’t difficult or require any great lengths to achieve, but the impression they will leave on a woman is a great one. Sadly, most men forget many of these, so take advantage and leave your competitors in the dust. A second date awaits you.

How do you make a first date long for more?

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