Hookups: Good Girls vs. Bad Girls

I poo-poo the terms “good girls” and “bad girls.” The connotations are that of boring and slutty, respectively. Totally unfair. Sort of. Not entirely.

Good girls certainly consider themselves so, but based on what? In my experience, it tends to mean they wouldn’t do anything that might label them a “slut.” They still love sex, but some things are off-limits:

You get the idea.

Nothing wrong with setting your own limits. And there are plenty of guys who love what are known as “good girls” (although it’s most interesting that these same guys still fantasize about the shite that “bad girls” get up to…)

“Bad girls,” on the other hand, don’t consider themselves bad at all. From their perspective, they’re just having great sex. They’re open-minded, find sex to be good clean fun, can have a casual fling without feeling shame (nor should they), and are generally confident enough in themselves to get what they want when they want it. Why should that make them slutty, unless you’re like, religious or whatever?

I’ve always looked it this way: we (The Bad) are having the kind of sex that they (The Good) only dream about. I’ll hear things like, “Fantasy is healthy.” Yes, it is. But — without having to get dangerous — most “fantasies” are easily doable. Sure there’s a nerve-curve, but awesome sex is out there and waiting for you. Maintaining your “goodness” only means you’re missing out.

Many of you might find it sad and unfair, but it’s true:

The best sex is always with those who have no hangups about rules of appropriateness.

If that turns you off, you needn’t worry — there are plenty of “good boys” out there, too. There’s no right or no wrong. There just is.

For all you horndogs out there, if you’re really into high-bar sex, then yes: “good girls” might just put you to sleep before the orgasm.

Sorry, straighties, but that’s just the way she goes.

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