How to Hook Up: Part 1 – Finding Hookups

Unlike the question in the previous post, from someone looking for advice on kissing, (and getting unhelpful answers), this post addresses your real question:

How to find hookups?

We’re talking about one-night stands, casual encounters, real local hookups. If you have any doubts that there are women out there looking for easy casual sex with no strings attached then I am hear to dispel that myth. First of all I’m a woman, and although I may not be that particular woman seeking casual sex I can assure you that there are plenty who are. They are my friends, your friends (not advisable), friends of friends, your co-workers (also a bad idea), the woman at the coffee shop, the gym.. well, you get the idea. They are all around you so pluck up some nerve and be confident in knowing that there are lots of women looking for the same thing you are. Women today are more independent than ever and aren’t always looking for a relationship. They are taking care of themselves, busy building careers, and don’t always have the time or desire for more than a casual fling.

So how do you find these women seeking hookups? Now don’t get me wrong, one night stands are still tough to pull off even with all the potential partners out there. But the following tips should help you find these women which of course the first step. Here are the best places to find hookups..

  • Weddings – Remember the movie Wedding Crashers? The party atmosphere of weddings are perfect. The available ladies are feeling good,  dressed to the nines,  and remembered to shave their legs. Being surrounded by couples and wedding bliss, they’re going to be more receptive than ever to your advances. But how many weddings can one person attend, (or afford)? Read on..
  • Vacations – This one is really good. Whether it’s a resort or not, women on vacation are looking for hookups like crazy, especially when you find them on holiday with their female friends. Again, they are looking good, (which equals feeling good), and are ripe for a one night hook up. You both know that there will be no awkward aftermath and that each of you can walk away satisfied and completely free as you’ll probably never meet again.
  • Nightclubs and bars – The ol’ standby and for good reason. Women go to nightclubs for the same reason men do and I’m not talking about dancing. A booze fueled night of fun with friends creates the right vibe for casual fun with a stranger. And if there IS dancing then all the better as it gets a woman’s endorphins pumping and puts her in the mood for even more physical activity. Go here to find women on the prowl.
  • Parties – birthdays, dinners, house parties. These are the events where you’re going to meet women who aren’t necessarily total strangers but more likely ‘friends of friends’. There is a benefit to this situation in that many women who are looking for action feel more comfortable if there is some kind of connection, even if it’s just the fact that you both know Charlie or you both like to hang out in the kitchen.  Another big benefit here is that party guests are generally expected to mingle so when you start a conversation it doesn’t feel like cold-calling.
  • Hook up sites – This may be the easiest one of all. How can you be sure a woman is looking for a casual hookup?  When she has a profile on an adult dating site and is direct about her desire to find sex, plain and simple. Leave sites like to those looking for long-term relationships and instead head to a sex dating sites like AffairLink, Fling, or XXXBlackBook. You can usually create a free profile to try it out before upgrading, and AffairLink even lets you use their chat without ever upgrading.

I realize that this article is simply about where to find these willing women. Now you must be wondering, “so what do I do once I find myself in one of these situations? How do I close the deal?”

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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