5 Hookup Etiquette Tips for Men

Are you tired of committed monogamous relationships? Do you want to take it easy and meet women on hookup dating sites for casual encounters?

If the casual dating scene isn’t something you are used to, it can be overwhelming. How do you tell someone, “Thanks for the sex, I never want to see you again?” Is it understood if you are using a hookup dating app?

Call me old-fashioned, but manners matter. When you aren’t clear or polite about your intentions you’re going to have a difficult time coasting with casual.

Let’s look at what matters when it comes to hookup etiquette for men.

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Hookup Etiquette for Men

1. Define Casual

So you know you aren’t ready to settle down and have kids, but what does casual mean to you? Do you want to be with a different woman on Friday than you were with on Tuesday? Do you want casual hookups without commitment with the same woman? Do you want a fuck buddy that is free every Saturday?

It’s good hookup etiquette to sort this out before you start sending messages.

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2. Pay for the First Date

Again, this may seem old-fashioned and it’s not a hookup rule, but paying for the first date is just good manners. Whether it’s having dinner or drinks at the local bar or admission tickets to the museum, offer to pick up the tab.

And don’t associate paying as a guarantee that she will have sex with you. She may want a second date to build a bit of trust. Casual dating is not the same as a booty call.

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3. Give Her Your Best

If it’s just about sex, you might as well go all out. I find “stranger” sex extra spicy because inhibitions drop in a way they don’t with someone more familiar. When you know you’re likely not going to see someone again, you can often engage in no-holds-barred sex or share a taboo fantasy, without worrying that it is going to ruin something larger.

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4. Aim to Please

If you want more than a one-night stand but less than a relationship, being a giving lover is going to help get you there. Show her your prowess in the sheets, whether that’s pussy licking or a full-body erotic massage. Good sex is not always available, and it lays the groundwork for a casual arrangement if you want more than a one-off.

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5. Be Honest about Moving Forward… or Not

Sometimes you think you don’t want more than casual relationships, but things can change when the chemistry is off the charts. You may change your original position. Or maybe she initially said that all she wants is no-strings sex, but after a few great hookups she feels differently. Either way, make sure you are both on the same page.

Practice good hookup etiquette and never string a woman along if you know you’ll never want more than sex.

Sex-only relationships happen all the time. But crazy things happen, and even those of us with the best intentions can be misguided in how we handle situations. Knowing what you want, and don’t, and being a gentleman will provide a good foundation for keeping things casual.

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What casual hookup etiquette do you follow? Please share!

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