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First Date Ideas When You Just Want to Hook Up

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So, you’ve read their profile online at FindHookups.com, maybe had a little dirty chat, and you want to meet them in person before you hook up, but you also want to make it clear you’re not looking for anything serious. It can be a tricky line to straddle, especially in the beginning of such salacious arrangements. Here are some date ideas that will be sure to keep things sexy, fun and casual.

1. Having a Drink

Skip the dinner and just get a drink or two at your favorite watering hole. A nice dinner indicates that you might be looking for romance, but drinks are a signal that you’re trying to get loosened up and have fun. When everyone is feeling more relaxed there is always the possibility for a little making out or sex talk.

2. Getting a Quick Coffee 

A great idea for a daytime meet and greet. The time commitment for this type of date is low, but gives you enough time to see if you might have any sexual chemistry with a possible hookup partner.

3. Running or Working Out 

If you want to see someone’s body, sweating together is a great way to increase sexual attraction. Working out is a way to get to know someone physically, and see what type of attraction there might be. It also gets the blood flowing which can increase sexual arousal!

4. Cooking at Home

Making a dinner at your house makes the transition from table to bed very easy. You can even plan a sexy “aphrodisiac meal” and include erotic delights such as oysters or asparagus. Once the meal is over, transition to more sexy time by having a glass of wine on the couch with sensual lighting and music. The only downside is you need to be very careful with any stranger in a private setting.

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