Bring Your A-Game to Every Hookup

As a woman who has had her fair share of hookups, it’s easy to spot the players once you get the clothes off. They treat sex like a routine and sometimes you wonder if they make the same moves on every girl they hook up with. Sure we all have our signature moves, but it’s nice to fine tune them for every individual. I’ve also been with guys who make you feel as though you’re just another notch on their belt, especially if you see them picking up a girl the very next night!

Why You Need to Bring Your A-Game

Guys, you never know if tonight’s hookup is only a hookup. That woman you’ve brought home coud turn into:

The point is: you need to bring your A-game to each and every hookup or none of these possibilities are possible. You have one chance to make that impression or the door to her bedroom and everything else closes.

3 A-Game Hookup Moves

1. Get to Know Her
Sure,  the hook-up end game is to have sex, but if she thinks you only see her as a sex object, you won’t be seeing or hooking up with her again. Spend some pre-sex time getting to know her and if the chemistry is off the charts, post-sex. Ask questions and listen attentively.

2. Foreplay Galore
Discover the map of her body. Kiss, caress, massage, and explore her up and down. Remember, every woman has her own fascinating nooks and crannies and we love it when a man takes his time. This also paves the way for a better orgasm which definitely will keep her interested.

3. Sober Sex
A couple of drinks are fine, but drunk sex isn’t good sex. Too much alcohol means you may have trouble getting it up and keeping it up… not a good first impression. Worse yet, is you may not remember much of the experience or even her name, in which case, why bother.

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Some guys say, “what the fuck” when it comes to a hookup. “Why should I try so hard?” If you’re not interested in seeing her again, that’s cool. But don’t forget that women like to talk, so it’s never a bad idea to leave her with something positive, something that would only help your reputation if being a player is what you’re all about.

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