Casual Sex: Morning After Etiquette

Triumph! You’ve landed that hookup you’ve had in the works for weeks. She stayed over and you lie entangled in that beautiful state of sleepy morning bliss, glowing in the aftermath of a night of great sex. Well, at least in an ideal situation this is the case. But it’s not always sunshine and roses. Sometimes things can be a little awkward. You’re just getting to know each other after all, and you’re just a hookup, not boyfriend-girlfriend.

Well I’m here to tell you this is a very important moment for you in hookup land. How you handle the morning after is key to ensuring your hookup will remain just that. If you blow it, you may just go one-for-one at the plate, and never have a chance to step up to bat with her ever again! Also, if you’re too boyfriendy, then you run the risk of giving her the wrong impression, and she’ll either be scared away or be a girlfriend in hookup’s clothing and latch on to you like an octopus!

Morning After Etiquette Tips

Temperature Gauge
You must read her body language and mood right away. Does she seem uncomfortable? Does she seems like she wants to cuddle and hang out for a bit? If she seems uncomfortable,it’s best to confront her about it in a very careful way. Give her options of what to do next without it seeming like you want her to go. Ask her what she wants to do; don’t tell her what you think she should do. This way, it’s her choice, not yours, and you can never be accused of being an insensitive jerk.

If she wants to cuddle and you don’t, well, it’s my advice that you give her what she wants, but only to a point. Cuddle and snuggle with her for a bit, but then let her know that although it feels great, you have to keep this casual for the time being. Show her that you’re a sensitive dude. Let her know that a little cuddling is no problem, but only to a point. This way you’re being diplomatic, yet firm, and if she has a huge problem with it, then you kind of know she really isn’t the casual sex type.

To Feed Is Human
Ok, dude. You have to at least offer her a cup of coffee or something. Offer to make her some eggs or cut her up some fresh fruit. This is pretty standard and cannot be interpreted in any other way than you’re a good guy with a good heart who won’t just boot a woman out the door.

Take Her Home
If your hookup didn’t drive over or doesn’t have a car and you do, it’s a nice gesture to offer her a ride home. Every woman dreads the “walk of shame” and if you help her avoid walking hungover in last night’s party dress, then she’ll no doubt be very grateful, and you’ll win a lot of points with her. You can also offer to pay for a cab home. This can’t be misinterpreted as a boyfriend like gesture, just a good-hearted dude one.

No Nightly Recap
A woman is in a vulnerable state the morning after a hookup. Things can often be misinterpreted and amplified when she wakes up next to someone who, let’s be honest, is still a stranger. So… do not go over the sex from the night before point-by-point. Do not mention the wild animal noises she made when she climaxed. Just mention you thought it was great if it was, and don’t say a word if it wasn’t.  Most women think it cheapens the sex to analyze it to death.

I hope this is of some help, guys. Remember: be prepared for different scenarios the morning after, and handle yourself like a gentleman.

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Got any tips on morning after etiquette? Let us know below!

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