5 Best Places for a Quickie

When time is a factor and you just can’t wait to get back to her place or yours, it’s time for a quickie. When you’re in an affair and her lover is due any minute, it’s time for a quickie. When sex with your woman has become routine and you like the possibility of being caught, it’s time for a quickie.

So . . . when you know it’s time, the next step is place, which is often where you are. Look around, is it doable? Here are location ideas to inspire.

This has the exciting risk factor, and it really has to be a quickie! If you can stall an elevator without any alarms going off, do it. This is a stand up position with her back against the wall or her facing the wall, arms against, with you holding her hips. Those old warehouse elevators are fun too and offer a little more privacy.

Movie Theater
Okay, so intercourse may be a difficult proposition and position unless it’s an unpopular flick playing in the middle of the day, but let’s not forget oral. It’s not the most original locale, but enjoying a movie with a little something on the side is always a good time.

Bar Washroom
This one’s a fairly easy accomplishment, especially in a single stall/room washroom. People are used to waiting in a busy joint and if the music is loud, all the better. The men’s washroom is a better bet because people will notice you coming out together, and most guys will think you’re a stud whereas women may be grossed out.

Think of this as the portable quickie. You can enjoy it over and over again but in different locations. Your place or mine takes on a whole new meaning? A quickie while driving may not be the safest idea but pulling over to the side of the road, a farmer’s field, or into a deserted parking lot isn’t difficult. The variety of positions is a bonus.

This could be with your lover who has come for the classic quickie or a smokin’ co-worker you’ve been exchanging sexy glances with for months. You’ll know the best place – maybe the supply room or the cafeteria after lunch. The best part is this can be a repeated affair with different locations within one.

Guys: When is it your time for a quickie?

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