Quick and Dirty Facts about Your Ejaculate

If you watch a lot of porn and forget it’s all fantasy, you’d think that hot women are all turned on by your ejaculate—they want to watch it pumping out of your piston all over their faces and breasts, filling pussies and assholes to overflowing.

But your doctor says your liquid ecstasy is a toxic contaminant, a loaded gun filled with diseases and every drop of ejaculate is so dangerous that it must be wrapped in plastic to protect your partner from total destruction.

On the other hand, some of your buddies, whose wives are into tantric sex and yoga, claim sperm is an antidepressant and aphrodisiac, as well as a great diet aid.

So what’s the deal with your ejaculate? Is it a big turn on for her, or turn off? Is it toxic, or a great multivitamin that condoms deprive us from? Should she swallow for better health and use it as a moisturizer, or bag it up and toss it?

Here are a few facts about semen to help you sort it all out!

Porn is pure fantasy.

My obligatory disclaimer here allows you that yes, there are SOME women with a cum fetish who want to lick your jiz and rub it all over, or who want to engage in bukkake every day, but the vast majority find ejaculation neutral at best. We are most inclined to find it a turn on when we have developed a lasting comfort and intimacy with a man.

Then again, some women do love cum. 

A guy can be perplexed because he HAS been in a situation where a woman wasn’t acting, and was begging for him to shoot it inside her, or had multiple orgasms as he bathed her in his blow. This is nature’s giveaway that the animal self has made her selection.

When a woman is in love with you, or feels that you are a great physical match or inseminator, she will suddenly love cum.

This is at the subliminal animal level, and it is no more to be trusted or used as a gauge, of where to ejaculate or what she really wants, than porn.

Sperm carries STIs, and the best protection is a condom.

This remains true so long as we want the freedom to experiment with multiple partners.

On the bright side, should you get lucky with a lady who longs for your love wad, shooting on her tits, ass cheeks (far away from her holes), throat or cheeks (not in her eyes or mouth) are extremely safe ways to play.

Sperm does have antidepressant and nutritional benefits.

Your semen is chock full of good stuff like zinc, magnesium, calcium, glutathione, Vitamin C, hundreds of proteins, anti-inflammatories, hormones, and neurochemicals like serotonin that ward off anxiety and depression.

That said, her stomach acid will destroy most of it, since evolution did not design for us to eat your ejaculate.

The best way to integrate all these features is vaginally, which is only appropriate in monogamous long-term relationships where a couple is also hoping to get pregnant, not hookups. Transdermal absorption is also beneficial if she wants to rub it all over, but to a minimal degree compared to nature’s way.

What role does cum play in your sex life?

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