The P-Spot: Prostate Play for Fun and Pleasure

If you’re lucky enough to be hooking up with a lover who wants to put her finger up your ass, maybe you should go with the flow and let her lead you to new thrills.

Maybe you’re already experienced with prostate stimulation.

Either way, a guy’s P-spot, or prostate, is part of the pleasure package.

Prostate Play: What to Know about the P-Spot

The prostate gland is an essential part of male anatomy.

The prostate gland is often referred to as a walnut—both size and texture are comparable. It is located inside the rectum between the bladder and the penis. The purpose of your prostate is to secrete fluids that nourish your sperm.

Frequent ejaculation prevents prostate cancer.

A Harvard study is among the studies that have shown that regular ejaculation keeps your equipment in better working order.

Guys who ejaculate regularly have a thirty percent reduced rate of prostate cancer compared to guys who only come a handful of times a month. So aim for an “apple a day!”

Your prostate is one reason why receiving anal penetration and stimulation feels so good.

Although women enjoy anal sex and have all kinds of nerve endings and other reasons to enjoy butt sex, penetration is not just for women! The prostate gland is unique to men and anal penetration with a finger, dildo, or cock is extremely pleasurable partly because it feels good to rub the P-spot.

Prostate stimulation increases intensity of the male orgasm.

Coming always feels great. Pressure on the prostate can take it from oh yeah to holy fuck.

Prostate play can help with erection issues.

If you have erectile dysfunction or aren’t as rock hard as you used to be because our hormones decrease as we age, adding a little prostate play into the mix can increase the blood flow and hormone surges to make your dick harder.

There are special P-spot toys for prostate massage.

You can find unique sex toys designed to stimulate and massage the male prostate gland. These might be a kind of curved dildo or a vibrator that stimulates you inside and outside at the same time.

You don’t have to penetrate your ass to enjoy prostate play.

If you or your partner are not open to anal penetration, you can enjoy prostate massage from the external side. The perineum is the area between your balls and butt hole. Apply pressure here during oral sex or a handjob, or during vaginal penetration.

Do you enjoy prostate play? What tips or tricks can you share?

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