Is Semen Good for You? The Truth about Jizz

Dear Jamie,

My new girlfriend doesn’t want to have safe sex because she says my sperm contains natural antidepressants. I’m more worried that it contains potential babies! This is very strange to hear because another partner I had once wanted me to come on her face. This isn’t nearly as common as porn makes guys think, but one lover liked me to do it. But it wasn’t out of insatiable horniness for my cum—she said the stuff was a secret beauty treatment for people in her culture and that’s why she has never had acne. Is any of this true, or is it all false? – Benedict

Hi Benedict. There are as many theories and myths for what’s in male ejaculation as there are, well, ingredients! Let’s look at some of the claims and contrast those with the facts.

Semen is Good for Your Health. True or False?

Jizz contains secret ingredients that make it an effective beauty agent for skin.

True and False. It depends. Most research has turned semen up empty handed when it comes to scientifically proven results improving skin tone, acne, wrinkles, or any other beauty issue.

On the other hand, almost anything will work for someone. Think how plain and simple “water” might help someone’s skin. My friend swears by suntan lotion as moisturizer! Another friend uses olive oil direct from the kitchen.

Sperm does contain trace elements of lots of minerals and antioxidants, not unlike the Dead Sea skin products. Some say the mineral concentration is too thin to have any effect, but if it works for her, no harm done.

Some people are allergic to semen.

True. Many women report rashes, itching, or irritation at the site of contact with semen, whether vaginal or on her hands or face. It’s even more common that women react this way to the semen of a particular person, but not in general.

It is theorized that some women are allergic to the compounds in semen itself, others to specific chemicals reflecting the man’s diet or chemistry. There is also a belief that this is nature’s way of warning women away from someone who is too close an evolutionary match, or otherwise an unwise choice for her in particular to bear offspring with.

We don’t have much besides theories about the why, but the fact of irritation is well established. This is about parallel with our understanding of allergies in general, which is poor so far.

Semen contains antidepressants.

Unclear. There have indeed been studies that show women who absorb their partner’s essence the old fashioned way suffer less from depression. Is this because of sperm ingredients, or is it because most women having unprotected sex with a partner are at a place in life where they are fully trusting, committed, and ready to risk pregnancy? We don’t know.

There have been issues with the studies, too, such as low sample numbers, but they are no different from issues with other studies. Anecdotally and in studies, there seems to be some truth to this, but whether it’s about where she’s at right now or about the contents of your jizz load remain to be seen. And how much would you have to consume to make it effective, I wonder.

Jizz is a multivitamin.

True. Your daily wad contains oodles of vitamins and minerals and proteins from zinc to vitamin C, but they are trace elements. You would need to swallow about thirty times a day to get a mild dose of zinc, for example. It won’t hurt to swallow if you’re both in the clear for STDs, but don’t skip breakfast!

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What facts or fictions about jizz have you heard? Please share in the comments!

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