The Truth about Women and Your Cum

Does the thought of your spunk dripping down her thighs make your dick rock hard? Congratulations, you’re male!

From the popularity of cream-pie videos, or scantily clad vixens begging “Cum on my face, I love it!” it’s no surprise that guys are turned on by the idea of ejaculating in or on a woman.

That most loads land in your own hand, a wad of tissue, or a condom, doesn’t change the fact that sex, at its core, is a race to get that semen to the promised land.

Porn has no shortage of babes begging for a cum bath. But in real life, you may get the feeling that your lovers are putting on a bit of an act if they moan and groan over the sticky stuff. Maybe you’ve had little luck finding a lady who will even swallow.

What gives? Do women love it, loath it, or fake it?

7 Truths about Women and Your Cum

1. Most Women Think Semen Tastes Gross

I strongly reject denigrating guys for their nature, so I generally don’t refer to your jizz in terms of disgust. But being respectful and nice doesn’t change the fact that most of us don’t relish the flavor, or smell.

This has biological and evolutionary explanations. Women ARE turned on by a man’s sweat and body odor, but cum is the final shot, not the lure. We are easily impregnated and have limited eggs, so it makes sense that getting too close to sperm has a red-light warning rather than a siren.

The chemicals in semen really are ammonia, and amines with names like putrescine and cadaverine, which might give away why they smell bad to us!

2. Some Women Do Love the Taste

There ARE some ladies who really do find the taste amazing and arousing, and some even have a kink or fetish for cum. But most people with this fetish are men, whether gay or straight.

3. Most of Us are Good, Giving, and Game

Even if we don’t love swimming in a sea of spunk, most of us are game to participate in some way on your behalf. Your pleasure is my pleasure, so I can swallow or let you take a shot on my tits once in awhile.

4. Real Love Changes How We Feel

I’m not the only woman to report this strange state of affairs—we usually find cum a bit gross, but when we have deep emotional feelings for you, that changes.

I actually like using condoms for hookups, but I resent condoms when I’m in love with you. I don’t know how scientific this is, but lots of women experience it this way. I think our bodies have a different set of responses to potential baby making when we feel real love, even if we don’t want or can’t have babies at that time.

5. Your Sperm Activates Ovulation

Ovulation isn’t just a cycle. A woman can have more than one egg a month, or none, and hormones from you coming inside her can activate one to drop and latch on. We have only discovered this in recent years! Another good reason for rubber.

6. Your Sperm Is a Multivitamin and Antidepressant

Science has found that women who receive ejaculations into their vaginas are less depressed and healthier than women who don’t. It turns out there are lots of good things in semen, including chemicals that increase bonding, fight depression, raise immunity, and nourish her.

It makes sense—since she might get knocked up, nature provides a way to be closer to the knocker, so to speak.

7. Your Ejaculation Is an Important Turn On for Women

While the semen itself may be undesirable, your coming is important to us. Scientific tests show that women have stronger orgasms when a man does, and we love the feeling of it releasing inside. Your orgasm turns us on even if we don’t want to get too close to the fluids it makes.

“Best practice” sex means you hold off until she comes, since you are sleepy and distracted afterwards, and sex is over. But there might be some wisdom to nature’s way—her coming AFTER you do, by any means necessary.

Your orgasm arouses her, and hers pulls your stuff in deeper. It all depends whether you are aiming for a baby, but nature is going through those motions even if you are both protected by a condom!

What does your lover think about your cum? Share in the comments!

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