Where to Hook Up when Home Isn’t an Option

Your place or mine?

The obvious options are not always possible—roommates, safety concerns, cat allergies—and not always desirable, but maybe it’s short notice and you didn’t do laundry or dishes, or you just want a new vibe.

Never fear—for adventurous lovers, there are lots of fun places to creative hookups!

Places to Hook Up that Aren’t His Place or Hers

Book a Room

Go boho or go grand. There’s a film noir allure to a seedy motel, or you can look for a willing unicorn among the beautiful people in an upscale hotel bar before getting naked. Although the drawback is having to pay for the room, of course, the benefits often outweigh the cons.

For her, if things are a one-off or super casual, it can feel a lot safer than going to a stranger’s address. And you don’t have to worry about fresh laundry and a spic-and-span bathroom, before and after. I love meeting lovers at a hotel, and tend to get a little more dressed up if that’s where we have agreed to meet.

Park and Play

There’s something absolutely hot about making out, or more, in an automobile. It’s the freedom to go anywhere—a nice scenic lakeside view, an open field where no one will tell you to turn the music down, a sleazy industrial alley that can add a gritty atmosphere to a kinky role play.

“Parking” is great because if you’re not going all the way, you can make out for hours. It’s a great way to indulge in a handjob or blowjob, but you can take it to the limit by crawling into the back of a van, the bed of a pick-up truck, or even in the backseat if you’re far from prying eyes. It’s not the most comfortable hook-up option, but it renews the thrill of being young and horny and desperate.

Shag by the Surf

With thongs and bikinis everywhere, the beach is a smorgasbord of electric eye candy. There’s nothing like stretching out on a towel for some sun and surf and watching hotties walk by. If you and your lover find a secluded spot, you can enjoy leisurely lovemaking beside the sea.

There’s nothing more romantic or hotter than the smell of the ocean and her riding you into the sunset. If you’re worried about people walking past, swim out into the waves where you can fondle each other into oblivion under water.

Get Down and Dirty

Many a horny duo have taken cover behind a dumpster in a parking lot, shopping mall, construction site, or alley way between city streets. Obviously you’ll want to watch for rotten food, rats or worse, but it’s always kinky wondering if you’ll be caught.

Round Third Base

When all the children have left the ball park, it’s just you and her and the twilight. A hotdog picnic, a blanket, and a few bleachers can bring out the nostalgic animal in all of us.

Help Her Fold the Sheets

I actually hooked up once with a total stranger while waiting out the spin cycle late at night in my building. He gave me that look, and I decided to just go for it. We locked the door and made it fast and frantic. To this day, I get horny folding laundry. Sometimes an exciting quickie can create a long-lasting memory.

Bang in the Backyard

Take a mini holiday without leaving town, by stargazing from the grass. The two of you can hole up in a sleeping bag, and enjoy the night sky and some smoldering sex. If you’ve got a tent, go pretend camping for a romantic snugglefest.

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Where do you hook up when home isn’t an option? Please share in the comments!

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